ORIGINAL The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe

That we can build a solid business. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe But that doesn’t ever you know it’s not. Like you’ll ever come up with one idea. And then you won’t have to work again. And you know we’re always constantly. Trying to come up with new stuff so. Just wanted to um to lay that out there. Those principles sheila said um. You are super nice with feedback but. Also clear and focused thank you sheila. Uh dee says the weather has been awesome. Lately cool oh i think she’s talking to. Mike who’s. Her neighbor uh which is cool um stan. From south africa is here. Okay let’s uh let’s get into it today.
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The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe
Then so i’ve broken the designs down. Into. Three main groups these are um. Number one designs which i didn’t really. Have anything to. Latch on to um a second group. Of designs where there’s. It’s a bit easier to see what you’re. Trying to do but you haven’t really. Nailed it. And then the third group which is. Designs which are almost there and i can. Just give you a few. Tips and tricks to help you along the. Way so let’s dive into it. Um right away oh first off have this. No i’ll tell you what we’ll come back to. That one let’s take a look at some of. These designs so we can get started here. So i’ll just take a sip. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe And of course if you want to ask. Questions or you know. Whatever you want to contribute the live. Chat box is there for you to do so. Okay these designs that you can see on. Your screen let me make these a bit. Bigger. These are designs which i couldn’t. Really i don’t feel like an often which. Help on um besides to say that. You know i’m not i’m just not getting. What’s uh going on with most of them so. Um let’s just take a quick look this one. Here says we are all. Colored and it’s some colored faces. In a kind of looks like you know the.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep T Shirt At Moteefe
Magnets that you get on the fridge or. Something like that. Um i’m just not you know. Sure exactly what’s going on what the. What the message is supposed to be if. There is a. Clear message and um i don’t know why. It’s on a white background. I i’m just really struggling so a lot of. These designs are like that i’m just. Struggling to. To really understand what’s going on and. I think. If i can give up by if your design is on. This page um. You know sorry i don’t know everyone’s. Name or anything like that but. If you see your design here um the best. Advice i could give you is to revisit. Um the three core principles i think. These are outlined in my. Free ebook the five ways to improve your. Design ideas right away. You can get that at michaelissic.com. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe Live. Um but the three principles the three. Questions are these who. Is going to wear this why would they. Want to wear it and how are they going. To find it. Who is going to wear it why would they. Want. To wear it that’s a different question. And how are they going to find it. And i think for these designs that. People have sent. In um that there’s very little. Answers to those questions that are. Obvious to me you might have. Some answers in your head it’s not clear. To me. What those answers would be so who’s. Going to wear this i don’t know. Why would they want to wear it i think. There’s an attempt being made at some. Kind of message. Um here but i’m not really getting it. And. How are they going to find it again very. Very difficult to answer that one.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Hoodie At Moteefe
Uh this one here we’ve got some monsters. Looks like someone’s drawn some monsters. And. Um and that’s all well and good but. Again this is not what i would call a. Design this is just a. Um kind of you know it looks to me like. A random illustration. Uh there is no concept here there’s no. There’s no message there’s nothing tying. It together. Um another buzzword here might be hook. There’s no hook. There’s nothing to really grab it now of. Course you could say. Oh what do you mean michael there’s. Loads of you know cute monster designs. That are sold. Every day you know if i go to the local. Target or walmart or whatever i’ll see. Lots of cute monsters and they sell on. Products. And that’s absolutely true but unless. You have a. Direct line into target or walmart and. Stuff like that um then i don’t see how. You’re really going to sell these. Designs through organic. Platforms so if you’re trying to sell on. Etsy or you’re trying to sell on seagull. Dick or redbubble. Then you’re going to need to probably. You’re going to need to do more than. Just. You know illustrate some nice cute. Monsters cute as they may be. And um personally i think there’s not a. Lot of. You know there’s not a lot to get our. Teeth into here so there’s not a lot of. Advice i can give. And except that what tends to sell on. You know t-shirts on redbubble on t. Public or merch by amazon. Our t-shirt designs are coherent designs. Those are usually some form of message. Some joke some pun something like that. Um and. And that is not this um so. Uh it’s all about the algorithms again. And i’m not sure what the. What the message is here what’s going on. I don’t know who would want to wear it. And i don’t know why they would really. Want to wear it you know it’s difficult. For me to under. Maybe it’s an in-joke or something i’m. Not getting um and again. It doesn’t really look like a t-shirt. Designed to me it looks more like a. You know maybe a canvas print or. Something um but i’m just. Not it’s not clicking for me it’s not. You know it’s not certainly not obvious. And i think a lot of t-shirt designs uh.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Sweater At Moteefe
One of the biggest principles behind. Successful t-shirt design. Is simplicity and really nailing it um. You know so that people get what you’re. Trying to do. Um here we’ve got an alien looks like a. Pencil sketch. Um by the way i usually i tend to. Review as though i’m you know reviewing. T-shirt designs which is my. My area of expertise of course print on. Demand sites and selling on etsy and. Stuff you don’t have to sell t-shirts. You can sell. You know phone cases and canvas prints. And all kinds of things so. Um you know my criticisms may be a. Little bit. You know you’re like oh well i didn’t. Really create it for a t-shirt but i’m. Kind of. Reviewing it as though it was so um so. Bear that in mind okay this alien. Um he loves to fly raptor again. Just not getting it i get that a raptor. Is a plane of some kind but i don’t. Understand what the. What the message is if there’s a joke. There or or what it’s just not clear at. All. Um and then this one um. Is a design i think related to mental. Health and those kind of things. But again this is not at all clear who. Would want to wear it. And why they would want to wear it and. Um. And design-wise a lot of the times if. You can nail the. Who who would want to wear the thing and. Why they might want to wear it. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe Then the design should should really be. A case of just making something that. Looks attractive on on the shirts and. Actually takes that message. And presents it in an attractive way um. And and you know some of these designs. Do better than others on the kind of. Attractive front um. But this one i think is kind of failing. On all. On all levels you know it’s difficult to. Understand who would want to wear it. Why they want to wear it how they’re. Going to find it and it’s not. Aesthetically pleasing. Either so um so yeah if your designs on. This page hope that advice helps you i. Didn’t want to sometimes i skip over. Designs like this. You know i just don’t comment on them or. I just you know feel i don’t have. Anything to say so i don’t comment. But i thought this week at least i would. ORIGINAL The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt some of them and at least maybe if. These are your designs you’re getting. Some help. And i would just reiterate those key. Points who is going to wear it. Why would they want to wear it how are. They going to find it. If you can answer those questions i. Believe you will produce better designs. And if you can take that advice on board. Maybe for next time. I do a design review order whatever i. Think you’ll. You’ll be producing designs that are. Better than these that we see on the. Screen here okay some comments. That we have on those well i’ve been. Doing that. Okay uh david tq says lol miners in this. Group. No problem well hopefully it has helped. You anyway d says maybe it’s for a kid. Um it may well be um hi from hong kong. Says tiff tiffela rose uh just bella. Says the monsters are cute. He says the monster one needs to have. Funny text like a pun. Yeah it needs it definitely needs. Something um i mean. On the other hand like i feel like i’m. Um maybe overemphasizing one side but. Like of course. Like i said you know there are art. Licensing brands and if you’re doing. Licensing or you’re trying to for. Example license you’re out to. Someone like target or walmart or. Something like that. Then of course things like pattern. Design things like. You know just attractive illustrations. Without jokes without you know. Puns or anything like that and that’s. That’s. A that’s a business model that is. Absolutely something that people make. You know make a livelihood from and do. Very well. At that um but. That’s not you know it’s not an easy. Thing to kind of get into. In the same way that print on demand and. Red bubble and stuff is so.
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