ORIGINAL Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt

One two hello everybody welcome to the Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt Live stream today it’s 3 p.m uk time. Time for a design review session today. That’s what we’re going to do so. I’ll be doing good if you can let me. Know where you’re watching from that. Would be cool. I’m gonna just start my slides here. Um. Two seconds so yeah i think who we got. Here we got uh. Nomadic blue was first in the comments.
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ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt
And i think kathleen is here. Hello to you kathleen from nyc. Raymond is here from baltimore. And pond and beyond logging in early. Uh great elephant club says mask mandate. Finally lifted in ohio. On the 2nd of june cool um. Still feels like it’s a way away but i. Guess it’s not that far away isn’t it. Array from a rainy macclesfield um. Just down the road is it rainy. I’ve got a cycle home so it’s not too. Rainy um. Hello to you ray i’m just getting my. Slides up here. Two seconds here we go here we go it’s. Been a while since we did a design. Review session so. Uh this will be interesting bo says. Hello. From ohio also from ohio sheila from. Toronto is here swear works from sedona. Sedona lance from tallahassee florida. Cali from jacksonville kev from. Nottingham. Teddy from el paso anna from puerto rico. Just bella from north carolina mike from. Texas matthew from. New york wonderful thank you for joining. Me today guys this is going to be a. Design. Review session i’ll just share my screen. With you. Um a big high from algeria says. Chalky graphics cool so yeah today we. Are going to do. A review we’ve got some designs that. Some of you have sent in thank you for. That. Um i am i know i set up. I had my teleprompter thing set up last. Time with my ipad. Obviously i can’t i was using my ipad. Like a teleprompter. So in order to be able to do some. Scribbling on this. Session today i’ve had to unplug it so i. Can’t look straight i mean i can look. Straight at the camera but my screen is. Over here so. Um which might be okay because i was.
ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots T Shirt
Watching i think it was the last week’s. Live stream. It looks a bit wooden just staring. Straight into the camera all the time so. Uh maybe this i don’t know maybe this is. A bit more natural. With my eyes kind of shifting slightly. To the left all the time anyway tq from. Vegas. Is here too wonderful so ipad is plugged. In we’ve got some reviews we’ve got some. Designs to look through so we’ll get. Into that shortly. If you are watching please do like and. Subscribe if you haven’t already if. You’re new to. The youtube channel or something like. That it’d be great to have you. Uh as a subscriber and also. Ask questions as we go so we’ll be. Talking about. Uh t-shirt design we’ll be looking at. Some designs if you have questions about. T-shirt design or anything else that. You’d like to ask my opinion on. Um i’m here for about an hour so we’ll. Uh we’ll be going through that. You can you can ask anything you can.
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Interrupt me and i’ll leave some time at. The end. For questions as well hitchhim says. Michael essex ultimate star ticket 50. Off is it available uh yes picture it’s. Available this. Week um if you had an email about it. Which is. The only way you would know about it. Then yes uh expires on saturday so click. The link. In your email and you’ll you’ll be able. To see more about that jennifer says hi. Guys from la hello to you jennifer. So yes as i was saying ask questions as. We go. And um join my mailing list if you. Haven’t already my classic dot com. Forward slash live. Which you can see up there open that. Corner michaels.com forward slash live. You can get. My free ebook five ways to improve your. Design ideas. There’s what else is that there’s a. Special pack about helping you. Uh find the right fonts for t-shirt. Designs so ideal t-shirt fonts. Uh there’s the ideas files ebook so. There’s like a load of goodies which are. Available just. Over the line once you’re subscribed at. My classic dot com forward slash live. All free of course. And of course you’ll be getting free. Emails from me tips and tricks every. Tuesday and usually a roundup email. Every friday. So subscribe at my classic dot com. Forward slash live for free if you. Haven’t already. Uh we had to edit mulberry mubarak to. You to riyadh.
ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Hoodie
And for all those celebrating rick good. Morning from tallahassee florida. Good morning to you rick i hope it’s. Nice there. Um so before we get into it is this for. You if you’re. Someone something on red bull or merch. By amazon or t public if you’re a. Designer trying to. Make money from your artwork and trying. To sell designs on. Platforms like this organic search based. Platforms. Or you’re doing stuff for maybe sites. Like t fury or threadless maybe more. Curated sites or you’re trying to you. Know maybe. License your art to stores like hot. Topic or expenses and. Places like that and then this is. Probably for you so. Anyone who’s doing organic prints on. Demand maybe something on etsy or amazon. If you have your own shopify store if. You have your own instagram he’s trying. To come up with content and new designs ORIGINAL Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt Funny ideas all the time. Or you’re trying to build an art. Licensing brand as well that’s. My crowd that’s who i’m trying to help. In these sessions so. Um if that’s you stick around uh zen. Zenobi here from south africa. Hello to you president i hope i’m. Pronouncing zen. Zenobia zenobia that seems more like it. Uh d says austin in the house hello to. You d. So if you sent a design in i think. We’ll probably cover almost all the. Designs that got sent in. Um overnight so if you don’t know what. This is every couple of weeks or so i. Would. Usually do a design review session which. Is what we’re doing today. So i send an email out to my email list. The day before and say if you have a. Design you’d like me to review please. Send it in. And then i select designs from those. Replies. And then i review them in in this. Session today so if you’re on my email. List you’ll be able to. Receive that email and to get your. Designs reviewed so. If you’re if you didn’t get that email. You need to subscribe my classic dot com. Forward slash live and then. You’ll be able to get a design reviewed. In the next session maybe so. That’s how it works schroder from. Milwaukee wisconsin. Hadi says she’s too afraid to send in a. Design i don’t think he should be deep. There’s nothing to be afraid of and i. Don’t bite. But i will try and be as helpful as i. Can without being too. You know um too harsh i don’t think i’m. Harsh. I think i’m probably overly nice most of. The time. Um okay let’s uh should we get into it. Today i see. No reason why not um i have oh yeah i. Just wanted to. I had a few principles just to kind of. Set the scene for us today so. Um first off this is obviously this is. Advice only don’t take this as somehow. Definitive um i may not get. Some of these ideas and designs you may. Be targeting a crowd that i have no. Knowledge of it may be an in-joke that. I’m not aware of so. This is just my opinion based on the. Designs that people have sent in. Don’t take it as oh my gosh michael. Didn’t like it therefore it’s never. Gonna sell that’s really not the case. And there’s a lot of designs where i’ve. You know been critical of or whatever. And they. They sell anyway um you know art. Is well art is art but there’s um. You know there’s there’s a selling of. Art which is part science and part. Art you know there’s the creative side. And then there’s. You know the more what you call it. Tangible side of supply and demand and. Creating things for certain audiences. And things like that. So um so yeah this is advice only and. It’s not uh you know and it’s my opinion. Not what necessarily will or won’t work. For you. There is no perfect design there is no. Formula there’s no you know take this. Box for success there is no such thing. As. I’ve had an idea if i do this this this. And this. It will definitely sell this is all you. Know. We’re in a creative kind of industry in. A creative space. And some things work and some things. Don’t and. Really there’s this volume thing behind. Everything so. There is no design that’s gonna you know. Magically make you. A millionaire overnight or anything like. That um. But there are principles there are. Principles for success there are. Principles we can apply. And that’s kind of what i am you know. Covering these sessions. So success whatever that means for you. What it means for me. And i think for a lot of us um requires. Lots of good design so if you want to. Make a reliable income from your. T-shirt designs if you want to make you. Know six figures a year or more. You’re going to need to have a lot of. Good designs you’re going to need to. Have them on a lot of different. Platforms and channels probably or at. Least a few different platforms and. Channels. And they need to be good designs so. We’re going to look at individual. Designs. But obviously no one of these individual. Designs is going to make you. You know tens of thousands of dollars. Certainly not within a short space of. Time. So what we’re trying to do is improve. Our hit rate so that we can come up with. And generate better and better ideas so.
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