ORIGINAL Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt

Where I gotta show you guys something. Real quick nice that sunset isn’t those. Trees in my face yeah okay ends. Here right peace. Know what’s going on guys your boy X and. Today we just got this in the mail now. It’s from otaku class so Zach from otaku. Plans to meet us out I’m not for sure. What’s in here although it does feel. Like some clue it does feel like some. Clothing so y’all know me we bout to pop. This bad boy open so without further to. Do let’s begin starting with the Dragon. Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt pop the pop a. Bottle of champagne open because he just. Divorced chichi noms i’ll just play. Number this shirt is amazing I really. Love the texture usually I wear when I. Wear my shirts I wear a medium or a. Large but mainly mediums when I told. Zack my size he told me I should get a 4. XL now at first I was a little skeptical. Myself because I’m like a but. He assured me that it would fit my size. Now when it sent and I actually put no. Tried it on everything it did fit it. Fits more like a large I would say so. Definitely if you do want to get like a. Large I would say that would be probably. Get up for XL and I would assume you. Know if you get a medium go ahead and. Get you a 3x I believe three XL a papi. Medium but yes if it’s real well perfect. Love the artwork on there the color you.
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Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt
Know I’m trying to get my color. Different colors up so definitely love. The shirt now going into the hoodie guys. I love this hoodie I mean I can’t wait. For winter to come so I can’t wear this. Video if you didn’t know from the. Opening of this video I love Rick and. Morty and that is the hoodie he sent me. Rick and Morty kitty now when I saw the. Scheme of this hoodie first the color. You know with the red circle and. Everything I honestly thought it wasn’t. Gonna be an Itachi hoodie which would. Have been amazing as well but it is a. Rick and Morty hoodie I would say maybe. Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt In that a-hole Itachi scheme like a. Design so I really loved it. Two of my favorite colors are red. Black so put all together and you got. Yourself an amazing city. Now the hoodie is also for excel so it. Fit me great cuz I love like for my. Hoodies I always get them large cuz I. Don’t want my sleeve. You know I want my sleeves to reach my. Wrist is what I’m trying to say so these. You know they go right to my wrist they.
Rick And Morty Adidas T Shirt
Fit me well and I’m just a loving this. So definitely if you you know if you. Want you know if you want your hoodie to. Fit you you know get to your sleeves. Like I said I wear a medium and shirts. But when it comes to my hoodies or my. Jackets always get a large so definitely. For excels for you if you want a little. Smaller go ahead get you a three XL or. Two XL but definitely this is perfect. For me. Otaku plan.com has amazing affordable. Clothing and items ranging from jackets. Hoodies t-shirts tank tops posters. Accessories and even swim trunks you. Never know when you’re gonna get wet. Guys designs ranging from your favorite. Animes games comics and even more so.
Rick And Morty Adidas Hoodie
Definitely if you want to buy a gift for. Your loved one or even if you want to. Buy something for yourself make sure you. Check this website out a link will be in. The description box below I really. Appreciate it guys if you like what you. See make sure y’all check that math as a. Website out the link will be in. Description box but look a lot of good. Stuff there so make sure y’all go ahead. And buy y’all somethin nice but without. Further ado guys that is all so let’s. Bend your boy X and I’m out.. What is up guys welcome back to another. Video right we’re in another different. Location because. Everyone’s in the house so we’ve got to. Try and keep out of each other’s ways. You know i mean so but.
Rick And Morty Adidas Sweater
Today we have got a massive adidas. Try on hall we’ve got a few pairs of. Trainers we’ve got some clothes. Like it’s nice for lounging about in the. House you know i mean like tracksuit. Sort of scene. It’s my sort of thing at the minute like. Just wearing tracksuits all the time. And like comfy clothes so we’re going to. Go through it. Laura’s sat here she’s going to throw me. The stuff so. We’re going to try and get it done. Quickly but i’m going to match a few. Like athleisure. Activewear outfits together as always. Guys i’m going to link it all in the. Description as well so if you want to. Check it out go and have a look down. There. If you do enjoy the video don’t forget. To drop it a like and subscribe to the. Channel. If you’ve not already and press the. Little bell notifications to keep up to. Date on all the videos. But yeah let’s crack on with it all. Right guys so the first item we’ve got. Is this really nice Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt. It’s kind of like a streetwear style. It’s got the stripes along the front. And on the back but i actually got 30. Off this full order. Which is very ideal my sister’s student. Discount sorted us out. Right so first item it’s actually very.
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