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Um so yeah um. [music]. Just bella says i agree though they’d. Make uh cute stickers as is. Yeah i mean unfortunately though you. Know words like q. And i think it’s cute and i think it’s. Nice we’re all subjective and what we. Really need to do is try and figure out. You know. Who what for example let’s say you. Created this monster design.
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Um how are you gonna how are you gonna. Title it how are you gonna keyword it. How are people going to find it it’s the. Biggest problem. It’s you know there’s lots of art in the. World created by people that’s very. Very attractive very cute very nice um. But people are they’re not selling it. And that’s really the missing piece of. The puzzle and that’s what we’re trying. To do is. How can we figure out how to sell this. Stuff or even better. How can we figure out you know markets. That already exist and just create work. For them create designs for them instead. Of. You know creating stuff and then trying. Desperately to. Get people to pay attention to it okay. Tq says that gives me what i need thank. You no problem. Uh d has just basically said what i just. Said monsters can be. Stickers but how can they be found who. Is the audience exactly um. And he says text is hard to read on the. One with the lady. Yeah it’s difficult on that one uh just. Fella the last one with the lady is very.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books T Shirt At Moteefe
Hard to read barely managed to translate. The bottom line. Yeah and nd is here hello to umd okay so. These were our first batch of designs. Let’s look at this. Batch here so this is kind of a mixed. Bag of a few different things but. Let me go through these and see what. Kind of advice i can offer first off. We’ve got space. Sheep so this is a cute illustration of. A sheep. With a space suit on. And um yeah. I’m struggling a bit with this one. Really because i’m not seeing a clear. A clear joke um or anything like that. There’s not much of a hook. Um i suppose you could say that you know. A sheep in space. Is is a hook in itself um. But i think there’s not yeah there’s not. Much. Going on to really commend this to. People. So i think you know let’s let’s ask our. Questions who is going to. To wear this well you could say well. Someone who likes sheep you know. Maybe it’s a farmer maybe it’s a sheep. Farmer or someone who just is into sheep. Uh maybe they would like this design. Well okay but. Um maybe they would. But there’s not like a clear joke though. There’s not.
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Kind of a pun there’s nothing like that. Um so that’s what. Would really you know make this a bit. Stronger um if you could do a pun. Some kind of space sheepy pun or. Something and that would. That would make it more appealing in the. Short term um or you could even do. Something like. Um for example there was a. Probably still is this kind of trend of. Like uh animals dressed up. In spacesuits or something like that in. A kind of realistic style so like a. Portrait style. You know like a classic portrait or. Sketch or something. Um but yeah i think just just writing. Space sheep is is like down here. At the lowest kind of level of you know. Where you might go with this design. Um and i think if you can find a poem um. Or something. Then you can you could turn that into. Something that might be a bit more. Engaged. Um so he says sheep one would look would. Be funny if you said. Sheep space like play on deep space. Uh deep space sheep space maybe yeah. You’re thinking in the right direction. I’m not sure that’s the strong sheep. Space. Maybe yeah sheep space nine i don’t know. Something like that scott is here. Uh tiff la rose the grammar in the bye. Bye to each one throws it up. Yeah we’ll get to that one thank you. Tiffa um. Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books Shirt Thiago says i think that is a pun with. Spaceship. Oh you think it’s a pun already space. Sheep. Wow i did not get that thank you tiago. Um. I think i think you might be right that. Does make a bit more sense. Space sheep but it obviously didn’t make. Sense because it didn’t. Wasn’t obvious to me like that space. Sheep um.
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Okay in that sense um if that is the pun. I think we need to i don’t think it’s. That strong i think is. Perhaps the problem um yeah space sheep. Spaceship spaceship it’s probably just. Not strong enough and that’s why i. Didn’t get it that’s my excuse anyway. Um but yeah that’s my advice on that one. Okay don’t follow the herd. This one here we’ve got a cow in a kind. Of. Uh reminiscent of gary larsen style i. Thought with this one. So don’t follow the herd and the kind of. Punk rock. I don’t know alternative lifestyle cow. Here with. Uh with pierced. Nose ring and uh orange hair and stuff. So. I think um. You know this kind of design you know. Could work that kind of thing of sending. A message like that you know don’t. Follow the herd. That’s that’s the thing you know that’s. Good um i think. Probably more on the design side is. Where i’d have some concerns. I don’t think this kind of layout works. Great for a t-shirt like. You’re not making the best use of the. Canvas and i would. You know move the illustration probably. Above the text. I would uh i’d probably you know follow. My typical circular layout. With it with a phrase like that don’t. Follow across the top. The herd at the bottom um with your cow. In the middle. And um as far as the the illustration. Goes i think it’s a little bit difficult. You know at first glance to immediately. Get it i think the style of illustration. Doesn’t necessarily lend itself to. You know getting hold of the message of. The design so i understand. That obviously we have different styles. Of illustration and stuff but. I think that concept of you know don’t. Follow the herd. And maybe doing like a punk rocky cow or. Something. Might be better served in a different. Illustration style maybe. Even more of a like realistic style or. Something like that.
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Um but yeah i think with a few even just. With a few basic. Layout changes that could be made to be. To be a stronger. Stronger looking design um so yeah okay. Bye bye teach hello beach. Um so tiff said um the grammar in the. Bye bye teach one throws it off a little. Yes. I did i agree with that um. Yeah bye-bye teach doesn’t really make. Sense um and. Scott has jumped on um what i was going. To say actually yeah i think i had the. Same idea. Bye-bye teaching hello beaching i think. Works works better. Now of course that that’s not. Grammatically correct but it’s. Grammatically incorrect in a funny way. That makes sense and still kind of. You know rolls off the tongue and stuff. And so yeah that. On the tech side that that’s definitely.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books
An improvement i would go with. And we could brainstorm some others as. Well like you know. Um uh teacher or. Teacher versus beecher or um. Yeah i don’t know but i think if you. Spend a bit more time on that you can. Probably brainstorm some others but yeah. Teaching and beaching i think is a. Is a strong stronger concept um in terms. Of design. I think obviously we’ve got the kind of. What would you call that retro sunset. Thing going on but it’s not. Really carried through to the rest of. The design and i think even with a few. Um you know just just font choices that. Work a bit better that are more. Uh vintage beach surf style t-shirt. Design. Um you know a couple of palm trees in. The background. Um and the font choice which is more. That kind of vibe um then i think it. Could be. It could be you know completed and be a. Much more coherent. Design um if you did a few things like. That so. So yeah i hope that helps with that one. Um. Happy fourth america and i i guess this. Is a. Is it a firework kind of put off by the. Illustration and what’s going on is it. It could be a cupcake is it a firework. In a cupcake or is that what fireworks. Look like. In america i don’t know but. Um i think we have some issues here. Definitely on the. Well first on the concept side um you. Know a happy fourth of july. Design obviously that’s a very popular. Uh holiday to design t-shirts for. And lots of people are doing stuff like. That and i think there’s not a lot in. This concept you know writing out happy. Fourth america. Unless i’m missing something please let. Me know in the comments if i am. Um unless i’m missing something this is. A. Uh this is the you know it’s a very. Generic message it’s like writing happy. Christmas or merry christmas. Or um happy father’s day on a t-shirt. Like that’s. That’s the message of the text right so. There’s that’s you know there’s not a. Lot. To commend that you know why would i. Want to buy this t-shirt as opposed to a. Pun on. Uh george washington or something like. That or you know drinking like lincoln. Or. All those kind of puns that are going. Around at this time or. Things like um. What do they call it like the original. Brexit or whatever you know things like. That. Um plays on independence day so so yeah. Concept. Wise i think it’s that message is way. Too generic. To really make much of a dent and i. Think you should. Grow a few steps back and think okay if. I’m if i’m going to a. You know fourth of july party what kind. Of design would i want to wear. I’m probably going to want to wear.
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