ORIGINAL I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt

Something funny and and. Witty and clever so try and come up with. Some puns and jokes and things. And work from that basis rather than. Just a simple generic message. Um and then design I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt wise yeah there’s. Just like these says here there’s a lot. Going on there’s um. There’s fireworks of various different. Colors there’s. The illustration which is a bit. Um non-descript in a way. And the the colors are kind of. Messed up and um for example this red. Uh isn’t matching with the red of the. Candle so we’ve got. Um you know just kind of washed out. Red colors and stuff so too many colors. I would say there’s too much going on in. Terms of the. The graphics and i would say the text is. Very. Generic both in the message but also in. The font and everything like that. So hope that helps okay. Um it’s hard podcasting about comedy. Everybody laughs at you. So um again if we can kind of separate. Concepts from. Design on this one concept wise. I think it’s difficult to. To do this is still kind of a generic. Kind of message like podcasting. Podcasting. About comedy that sounds to me like it. Would be a very small. Market to go after but let’s say that it. Is a small market but we know how to. Reach them or something so comedy. Podcasters. Um uh i don’t know. If that’s people who are doing a comedy. Podcast or people who are. Doing a podcast about comedy. That seems like it would be a much more. Niche group of people. Um but anyway it’s hard podcasting about. Comedy everybody laughs at you. So we kind of got a typical kind of. Setup and punchline. Joke and and design wise. You know it’s obviously kind of simple i. Don’t. Typically would stay away from um. Uh doing this kind of font. I would probably go for something that’s. More of a sans serif font. To keep it simple and make it easier to. To understand. But i think i think what’s really. Putting me off it is the the kind of. Setup it’s hard podcasting about comedy. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Um just because i i think that’s a. Difficult. It would be easier you know it’d be easy. To get it was something like. It’s hard being a comedian or it’s um. It’s hard writing comedy or something. Like that. And that would kind of make more sense. Um. But yeah i don’t really really know what. Else to say about it from concept point. Of view so. Um uh scott and lance are here to help. Me out. Um lance says on podcasting make message. Shorter maybe comedy is hard everybody. Laughs at you yeah that’s kind of what i. Was getting at i think just like the. Difficulty of. Being quite so specific with you with. Your. [music]. With your text it’s hard podcasting. About comedy. Um but again that could just be me. Saying i’m. You know i’m over thinking it. And there are people podcasting about. Comedy um. And maybe it would work for them maybe. It would appeal to them and i think yeah. In that case you know when we’ve got. When we’re dealing with perhaps very. Niche markets like super niche. Small markets like that um. The opinion of someone like me doesn’t. Really matter that much i can certainly. Help on the design side. But concept wise it’s going to be a lot. Easier to just get it out there in front. Of those people and. And get reactions to it so um. So yeah uh this area 51 one. Area 51 one um again i’m not. Really there’s not a lot to get your. Teeth into here this is just a. Area 51 um. Text with a spaceship and a. Alien face there’s no joke there’s no. Pun there’s no message there’s no. There’s no nothing like that so again. I’m just kind of struggling with why. Someone would want to wear it if you’re. Trying to do an area 51 design. Um you know you could do things like. Greetings from area 51 or i went to area. 51. And xyz or you know approaches like that. Um so yeah i think there’s just not a. Lot again to get my teeth into on that. One and kathleen says in podcasting no. One can hear you left that’s a good. A good point that could work um so yeah. I think i’d. Yeah on the podcasting one um. GearbubbleI Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Yeah obviously just we need lots of. Concepts anyway so just keep going at it. With lots of concepts and approaches. Okay um here’s our last. Selection of designs so i’ll take a sip. And we’ll get into these ones. So first off we got alpaca meal prep. As in an alpaca and some meal prep. Um i. Uh so my first thought with this one was. Does it need the busy. At the top um it’s quite easy to get the. The concept of the joke here um. Um obviously it’s a it’s an alpaca pun. Alpaca as in i’ll pack a. Um so yeah i just wondered whether the. Busy was necessary whether you could. Just go for alpaca meal prep. And see how it you know see how that. Pans out. And you would perhaps be able to. Lose a bit of text and give you a bit. More freedom in the design and the. Approach and stuff like that. And design wise you know i like it the. Simplicity of it. I like the you know the use of. The background of the shirt you know not. Not. Not having a color for the alpaca and. Stuff makes it. Look quite natural and organic and good. Um. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt I would say you could even um. Bring a bit more balance to the to the. Illustration. By moving the the hoof a little bit. Further in and if you kind of bring that. In so it’s kind of right under the. Alpaca or just slightly off to the side. And you can make it so that his ears. You know he can make his ears a bit. Bigger maybe or her is. Make the ears a bit bigger and then let. Me kind of show you what i’m thinking. Let me pull my haircut out. Two seconds. So um let me show my screen. So yeah your alpaca. Is like this just draw him out quick. And. You have got his hoof and the meal prep. Over here like this and what that means. Is you know if you’re looking at this. From a. From a balance approach like where it’s. Going to be on the canvas. Um you know you’ve got kind of dead. Space here. Because this is this needs to be here on. This side and otherwise you’re. You know you could do it the other way. Where. Oops where you keep your so that was. Keeping your alpaca in the middle. And then you could do it that way and. Then you kind of got you’re left with. The dead space over there so. To solve this problem and what i would. Recommend. Is take your. Alpacas hoof paw. And move it just kind of like here about. There. And then make his ears a bit bigger. Because you could get away with that. Because they got big ears anyway. And then what you’ve effectively done is. You’ve you’ve balanced the illustration. Out right so. Um this can be in the center of the. Shirt. And it’s going to look much more kind of. Cohesive. Because of that so then when you come to. Put your text around it. I’ll pack a. Meal prep you know we’ve got a nice. Cohesive design it’s not out of balance. We don’t have a load of. Dead space on one side that isn’t there. On the other side and i think that would. Tie it together a little bit um but yeah. A solid design solid idea and i think. That works. Very nicely okay. Some comments here. Uh so. Tiffela rose the alpaca design seems a. Little off balance yes. Um well spotted cali less words alpaca. On top. Shorter neck i agree with tiff the rose. Maybe balances a bit off yeah so it. Seems we’re all around the same. Uh the same thing here maybe alpaca. Lunch is more common than meal prep. Yeah i think it is but my interpretation. Of this was. Um that we’re doing you know. Alpaca bag alpaca milk alpaca. Whatever pack of lunch um are all kind. Of. Already done and this is a more of a. Meal prep specifically to. Fitness people or something like that so. That’s the interpretation i had on it. Uh cali says thanks michael scott says. Reminds me of seven minutes in purgatory. Okay talking about the podcasting one. Cali square works this design is. Specifically for women who weight lift. Or who. Lift so yeah i was on the i was on the. Right track there. Okay um no problem cali thank you for. Sending it in. And let’s move on to this one so i’ll. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Live you a lot. Um this is very nice uh solid. Pun which works and makes sense i think. Um. Perhaps obviously this doesn’t look like. A t-shirt design to me i mean if we. Compare this design here. To this one right here you can see which. One looks like. It’s been designed for a t-shirt and one. Which looks like. It’s perhaps just been created on the. Computer. Or you know um created digitally without. Much thought for. Where it’s going to end up um whoops. So um again that’s not necessarily a. Problem unless you’re trying. If you’re trying to sell t-shirts that. Is a problem um but you know this might. Work as a. Um you know phone case or something like. That a greetings card or something. And you have more flexibility there you. Can use you know. Unlimited colors on a greetings card or. On a phone case. In a way that you can’t really deal with. A t-shirt and still make it look. Nice so um concept twice solid. Illustration style and layout and colors. And stuff. Doesn’t work great for t-shirt design um. Could work as a greetings card if i’m. Gonna be really critical i would say. You know the style of the illustration. Is is pretty generic there’s not a lot. Of personality coming in there’s not a.

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