Official Busch Light It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt

Hey guys today I’m going to be showing. You how to make this Father’s Day T-shirt and specifically teaching you. How to mix t shirt and jeans short.  So the supplies you’re going to need for. This are a Cricut machine you’ll also. Want the SVG cut files or any cut files. Of your choice the ones I’m using here. Are completely free and they are linked. Below in this Store description I have a. Lot of different combinations for. Fathers daughters and fathers and sons. You’ll also need heat transfer vinyl and. Your choice colors you’ll need an EZ. Press or an iron a t-shirt you will also. Need some weeding tools and potentially. A bright pad if you want to work with. That as well but first I’m going to. Detour and I’m going to show you what. You need to do in the back end in Cricut. Busch Light It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt space hey everybody today we’re. Going to be working on this Father’s Day. Project and the purpose of this is i’m. Going to be showing you a tutorial on. How to layer your heat transfer vinyl so. Obviously vinyl is one of the most. Beloved things to do with the Cricut. Machine whether it be adhesive vinyl or. Heat transfer vinyl but one of the. Common questions with heat transfer. Vinyl is how do you layer more than one. Color together but how do you accomplish. That correctly without ruining the. Design and making sure it looks flawless. On your canvas today I’m going to be. Doing this on a t-shirt and this is sort. Of based around a Father’s Day theme and. I have all of these cut files here with. These different combinations and these. Are all completely free on the blog and. I’ve linked that below this video if. You’re interested in downloading them. For yourself so the one I’m gonna be.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Shirt
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Working with personally is a son’s first. Hero and a daughter’s first love because. I have a son and a daughter but if you. Have you know two boys or two girls or. One boy or one girl there’s some. Different combinations there as well for. You to work with so I’m just gonna go. Ahead and get the rest of these off my. Canvas here before we continue alright. And I had this one here so we want to. Think about the size that we’re gonna. Scale it to on our t-shirt or whatever. It is that you might be placing yours on. You want to measure your shirt so on. This is going to vary for everybody. Because some people are gonna wear. Largest extra larges smalls everybody’s. Size is gonna be different and your. Preference on how big you want the. Actual logo and design to be so in my. Case I’m going to want the design to. Probably be about 9 inches across 9. Inches wide so I’m gonna scale that i’ve. Already measured my my clothes and i’m. Thinking whoops I’m thinking about 9 9. To 10 inches is gonna be appropriate i’m.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure T Shirt
Gonna be putting this on the back of a. Shirt rather than a front because I want. The design to be a little bit bigger and. I just feel with the lettering and. Everything that putting it on the back. Of a t-shirt is gonna look a little bit. Better so that’s just my personal. Preference here and then we have three. Different color options inside of this. So if I were to select just like the. Words here and let’s say we’re gonna be. Putting those on in maybe white let’s. See I don’t know what colors i’m. Actually gonna do at this point but no I. Think actually gonna keep it black yeah. I’m gonna keep it black but I think the. Part for dad that’s orange right now i’m. Gonna change that to a navy and then I. Think I’m gonna leave the silhouettes of. The kids white so I think this is. Probably how I’m gonna put it on the. Back of my t-shirt something like this. In these colors so you can go ahead and. Play around with kind of getting a.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Sweatshirt
Visual for your colors as well in that. In that color swatch area here inside a. Design space and then just make sure of. Course that you have scaled it. Appropriately in size and if for any. Reason you have ungrouped or unlocked. Any of these letters or anything make. Sure that you have welded them back. Together the design file should already. Have them welded for you so you. Shouldn’t have to do anything but you. Want to make sure that they are gonna. Stay in place and they’re not cutting. Out individual letters so that you have. To place them individually cuz that.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Hoodie
Would be really frustrating. So at this point I’m just gonna go ahead. And go to my cut screen I’m gonna go to. Make it screen and it’s of course going. To divide that project by color so we’re. Gonna have looks like our white here. First then our black and then the blue. And very very important you want to make. Sure every time you do something with. Heat transfer vinyl that you are. Mirroring the images if you do not near. The images they will appear backwards on. Your t-shirt so that’s very important. Especially when working with text so. Right here where it says mirror make. Sure that you just toggle that on so. That it’s green and you need to do this. For each Matt so select the text Matt. Here and toggle that on so that it. Reverses it and it is mirrored go to the. Blue map that I have here and I’m going. To toggle that on so that reverses it as. Well and then we can just select the. White one again and go ahead and hit. Continue and then you’ll select your. Material your I’m sorry your yeah your. Material of choice for vinyl i’m. Depending on what type of vinyl you’re. Using I’m gonna stay for a lot of years. Sweet using a basic vinyl so just stick. With the basic vinyl setting if you’re. Using the maker you’ll it you know. Select that under custom if you’re using. The Explorer you can use the dial on the. Top of your machine so that’s the back. End work that I just wanted to note. There when setting up your cut screens. For Cricut and I’m gonna jump forward. Here in just a second you know we’re. Going to go ahead and put the project. Together I’m gonna show you how to layer. The heat transfer vinyl. Alright so my Cricut here is all set up. And I’m just gonna go ahead and start. Cutting my heat transfer vinyl when. You’re cutting your heat transfer vinyl. Make sure that the shiny side is down. You always want the plastic side to be. Against the sticky side of the mat so. That it cuts correctly for you and once. I get this cut out I’m just going to. Weed I’m just gonna give you a couple. Short clips here of me weeding I like to. Use the Cricut brite pad this is not. 100% necessary to make weeding happen it. Is just a tool that I like to use you. Can find them on Cricut if you’re. Interested in having the brite pad as. Well it can just make it a little bit.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Tank Top Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure V Neck T Shirt
Easier to see your your weeding lines. When you when you’re doing your projects. If you don’t have this you could always. Hold your vinyl up to a bright lit. Window as well and that. Kind of act as a kind of handmade sort. Of bright pad and that can help you as. Well see your lines a little better when. You’re weeding out your your vinyl here. So just make sure you’re removing all. That excess vinyl that we don’t want on. Our design take your time with it and go. Slow and use those meeting tools to get. All those little pieces out as well so. I’m just going to speed this up here for. A minute and then we’re gonna move. Forward to setting up our ez press, okay so I have all of my pieces needed. There were three colors that I used here. And this piece here has the letters that. Were all cut out in one color so i’m. Actually just gonna trim these apart. Because I want them to be a little bit. Further spaced so I’m just gonna grab my. Scissors real quick and I’m just gonna. Trim those two phrases apart from each. Other so I can place them exactly where. I want onto my t-shirt canvas so once. You get all that done just trim those. And then set that aside now I’m using my. Ez press here you can use an iron if you. Want to and you don’t have this that’s. Perfectly fine if you’re using the easi. Press go ahead and set it to 315 and. Then set it to 30 seconds for the time. That it will count down per hold that. You’re doing on your design and it will. Take a couple seconds to heat up here. Some lines only at 65 degrees right now. And it’s gonna jump up and we’re just. Gonna wait until it gets to 3:15 and it. Sets itself exactly where it needs to be. Temperature-wise before we start ironing. On our project here okay so the key with. Layering your heat transfer vinyl is. Always start with the largest design. First and that’s pretty obvious but I. Want to make sure that it’s a hundred. Percent clear the largest design no. Matter what type of project you’re doing. No matter what file you’re using. Whichever layer is the largest needs to. Get placed on the design of first and. You’ll see why as we move forward in. This project. I’m just getting my t-shirt laid out. Here over my easy pressed mat so there’s. A heat resistance surface underneath it. And it’s safe and then I’m just going to. Start I’m just going to kind of eyeball. It initially where I want to place it. And then I’m going to use my measuring. Tape to kind of make sure that it’s in a. Good centered and even straight looking. Placement here, okay so I just kind of eyeballed. Initially and go kind of in the center.Here and I just place it and then i’m. Gonna grab my measuring tape and i’m. Going to measure it from each side to. Make sure it’s kind of at an equal. Distance in the center and so I’m just. Using like a flexible sewing measuring. Tape here and I’m just measuring it and. It’s just a little bit over five inches. On the one side but it’s a little too. Close to the six inch mark on the other. Side so I’m actually just going to move. Pick it up and move it over about a half. An inch just to make sure it’s a little. Bit more centered and then I’m going to. Check that one more time. That’s just how I personally do it to. Get make sure that my my designs are. Evenly placed into the center of my. Shirt whether that be for the front of. The shirt or the back of the shirt like. I’m doing here and my heat press is all. Ready to go here and so the next step is. Going to be to start the countdown and I. Just click that cricket emblem button. And I sort of rock the iron back and. Forth over it and this design is a. Little bit large for my medium size easy. Press here so I’m doing half of the. Design at one time and then I’m going to. Repeat on the other half the design here. And this is more effective than trying. To run the design back and forth over. The entire or I’m sorry run the easy. Press back and forth over the entire. Design it’s better to work on whatever. Portion of design the easy press covers. First and then repeat on the portion. That it does not just it’s more. Effective with getting that iron-on to. Adhere properly so I did that first side. There now I’m just moving it over a. Little bit here and I’m gonna get that. Other side here real quick, and now the next step is to carefully. Peel that plastic off now if it’s not. Sticking then make sure you lay it back. Down and you do another round with your. Iron or your ez press it’s very. Important that it is sticking on its own. It doesn’t have to be like 100%. Perfectly sticking you just want to make. Sure that it’s not coming off when. You’re lifting that plastic make sure. You save that large piece of plastic. That you just peeled off do not get rid. Of it set it aside we’re gonna use it. Just a second here. So the next part here is for us to layer. The next piece on and that would be the. Silhouettes of the kids here in my. Example and so I’m just going to get. Those placed here of course they’re. Gonna have that that plastic backing to. And that’s exactly what we want so don’t. Worry about taking that off it needs to. Stay exactly where it is and then like I. Said make sure you don’t throw away that. Large plastic piece from the initial. Piece of design we just laid down with. The dad on it because we’re gonna use. That in just a second here now I’m gonna. Grab that plastic piece that you needed. To keep and place the entire thing back. Over the whole design the reason we’re. Doing this is because if you don’t and. You were to try and place your ez press. Or an iron over it you would ruin the. Design that we’d already placed the the. 2ds with the dad in the middle that we. Placed initially that would get ruined. Because of the heat it has to have a. Barrier like the plastic or cloth in. Order to get that to iron on without. Ruining the existing vinyl that we. Already had in our first layer so very. Important that you save that piece of. Plastic and there’s two layers of. Plastic over the small design that we. Just placed at the kid but that still. Will allow us to get the heat that we. Need and we’ll just peel each layer up. Here so I’m gonna peel up first that. Large layer that was protecting that. First layer design there and a navy. Layer and peel. They’ll probably stick together so mind. Just peel up at the same time and that’s. Perfectly fine. Just make sure again that the next layer. Is sticking okay and again save that. Large piece because we’re going to need. It one more time. I’m going to then place my words here. For this design and the words obviously. Aren’t layered on top of the word Dada. But this same principle applies when it. Comes to layering and heat transfer. Vinyl you need to make sure that you’re. Every time you’re adding a new color or. A new layer you want to make sure that. You’re placing that largest piece down. That largest plastic piece down so it’s. Protecting your other vinyl in the first. Layers that you placed on the t-shirt. That’s just how you go about layering. Any heat transfer vinyl here I’m just. Measuring as I talk to you here I’m just. Measuring my my design trying to get. Them placed somewhat evenly apart from. Each other so I’m pretty happy with that. Look there but as you can see we need. That large piece of plastic again to. Light over the whole bottom part of the. Design so that we don’t burn those other. Layers a final that we already placed so. Every time you add a layer just make. Sure you’ve got those other layers. Protected with that plastic and you’ll. Be good to go and i’ve personally never. Layered more than like three or four. Iron-on layers of vinyl together i’ve. Never really come across a project that. Needs me to iron on that many layers but. I would imagine it would work up to at. Least four layers but this is a. Technique in use you use no matter what. And it’s just the easiest way to do it. And to keep your layers protected as you. Add more vinyl to your design, [Music]. I’m again peeling all of my plastic. Sheets up here and they’re kind of. Coming off together and that’s fine and. I was able to protect my all my layers. Of my vinyl that i’ve done so far and. Everything looks really good if for any. Reason your vinyl on like the layered. Parts are starting to look kind of. Wrinkled that’s typical and there’s a. Way to fix that so I’m going to show you. That next here in just a second okay. Just to give the whole design one final. Good press with the heat and this will. Also make sure that your vinyl is really. Really flat the layers are really flat. Together I usually if I have enough. Extra material on the bottom of my. T-shirt I will just kind of fluff my. Shirt out a little bit and then I will. Fold the bottom of my t-shirt up over. The top of the design let me get that. Here there we go. Hold it over the top of the design there. So that’s a protective barrier and then. I grabbed my heat press and I give it. Another countdown and for this one I. Just kind of run it back and forth I. Don’t really need to like be as specific. With it as I did when I was initially. Placing the design so I just do a 30. Second countdown on this and run it back. And forth protecting it with that lower. Part of the t-shirt here these t-shirts. For my husband of course so it is a. Little bit on the bigger side then maybe. A t-shirt I would wear so this may not. Work for every type of t-shirt if it. Doesn’t then just grab something like a. Spare t-shirt or a towel or something. Like that and do the same thing and then. I’m just gonna fold this down and that’s. Just one extra little stuff there to. Really make sure that design grabbed on. Really well it’ll make sure those layers. That particular layer with dad and the. Kids that we did is going to look very. Seamless and smooth now with that extra. Step we just did. And now our project is complete and. That’s how easy it is to layer your heat. Transfer vinyl and this is a very simple. Example but the concepts would apply no. Matter what and I really hope you guys. Enjoy these files I got a bunch of. Different combinations you know one with. Just a daughter or son or two sons and. Two daughters and so make sure you grab. Those files on the blog and I would love. To see your creations as well and so I. Hope you enjoyed this and I hope this. Helped cleared up how you layer your. Heat transfer vinyl I will see you guys. In the next video. Find these SPG cut files more crafts and. Templates on addy Kirsten collections. Calm and if you’re new to Cricut I would. Also like to invite you to join my free. Cutting edge crafters masterclass where. I reveal the three biggest beginner. Crooked Crocker misconceptions and the. Framework to fix them the link to join. Is below this video in the description.

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