ORIGINAL My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt

That design is going to work best for. And just kind of pursue that so yeah. Obviously you can offer a lot of. Different products. Um hundreds or maybe even thousands of. Different types of products but i would. Like to keep it so the things i knew you. Know i’m not going to offer my design on. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt A key ring. Even though i can or on a dog’s bandana. Or all the crazy stuff we can offer it. On. Um unless i have a particular reason you. Know i think that that design would. Would be something people might be. Looking for in a product like that so. Yeah. Teddy any thoughts on balancing time. Management between design creating. Listings updating websites social media. It’s also overwhelming. Um yeah teddy it’s a really hard one to. To give advice on because everyone’s so. Different and. Um where you’re at you know if you’re. Just starting out versus if you. If you’ve already got you know residual. Income coming in and stuff like that. Um i would say that you always need to. Be producing stuff. If you want to you know grow your grow. Your income. And um and i would say social media is a. Is it. Even though it’s not something that. Delivers in the short term over the long. Term it can be very. You know you you’d be very thankful. Looking back in three years time. If you’d posted to social media every. Day for that you know what’s instagram. Or whatever. Over those three years so um. So yeah all that to say it’s hard to. Really give you know i don’t think. There’s. Something where i can say oh you need to. Spend this amount of time on that and. Then this amount of time on that i think. It just depends on where you’re at. Um one thing i will be opening up again. Soon is. Proper consultation so if you are. Interested in having a one-on-one with. Me. Um usually i do like an hour session. Where i. Do some research on you you’d send me. Information about you and your business. And i’ll come back with a more of a. Personalized plan with some. Recommendations and stuff. So i will be opening that up again soon. So if you’re interested. Um in a private consultation drop me an. Email and i’ll i’ll put you on the list. There for when that opens up again. Hey run why redbubble site ban the. Account and how to recover it. Uh don’t know aeron you’d need to talk. To redbubble um. I’m not red bull teddy thank you i’ll. Look it up no problem. Lance a good way to find keywords is to. Look for related instagram hashtags. People use for your topic. It’s good advice sheila in addition to. Tags are there other places on redbubble. Where we should have keywords. Apart from the store description and bio. Um. Well obviously the title of the product. Is the big. Probably the most important place to. Have your keyword in. And in the description of your. Design as well and then in the tags so. Yeah those three places and i would. Repeat them. In all those places especially the the. Key keyword whatever that might be. So if your design is hawaiian pizza. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Um then you would put hawaiian pizza pun. In your title. In your description in your tags you. Want to make sure you repeat it so yeah. Um ron says i thought your email this. Week. Was spot on regarding not obsessing over. Keywords. But to focus on the design that will. Appeal to buyers thank you wrong yeah. Um thank you very much. Yeah i do think people tend to think. That keywords are some magic thing and. If they sprinkle the right ones they’ll. They’ll make sales but really keywords. Are just something that helps you get. Seen obviously that’s very important but. If your design is not strong and your. Concept isn’t good and if you don’t. Understand your customer. Then keywords are not going to help you. So yeah. Kathleen says i think merch is testing. To see what sells. So it can then sell it itself ooh. Conspiracy theories maybe but who knows. I don’t know yeah we don’t know what. Amazon’s thinking. Uh stan most amazon simply declined my. Application without explanation. Yeah sorry about that stan um sorry to. Hear that but i. Uh i can’t give you any explanation for. I’m not merged by amazon. Uh corey do you need a tax id for much. Balancing application first or can you. Get one later. Uh i can’t remember i think. Uh i don’t know go go and try and apply. And see if you need a tax idea i can’t. It’s been like five years since i signed. Up for much friends. Um sheila said one-on-ones are fantastic. Very worthwhile thank you sheila. Uh rory lichtenstein said he spent 80 of. The time on marketing and relationships. I think that’s. Certainly spending more time on uh you. Know thinking about your. Customer and how you’re going to get in. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Front of them is. A great idea versus just. Churning out your own stuff and your own. Designs the problem is. You know if you do that you get so. Internal. You’re just thinking about you know this. Is my idea i’m just going to design it. How i want to design it and. I’ve had this idea now we’re going to do. That instead of what do people want. What are they buying how can i get it to. Them how can i sell it to them. Which is probably the lion’s share of. You know the business when when it all. Boils down because. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of people. Who can design well there’s a lot of. People who are very good at. Making things look attractive there’s a. Lot of very good illustrators. There’s not that many people who are. Good at going out and getting something. In front of people and selling it. Successfully so. So yeah definitely uh worth spending. Time on that. Uh amsterdam said unlikely red bubble. Will ever tell you why you were. Suspended yeah i think. Unfortunately that is the case uh. Redbubble. Amazon etsy these are. Mega corporations well certainly. Amazon and etsy redbubble is still a. Massive you know. Company so you’re unlikely unfortunately. To get. Uh personal responses from them you can. Try. Um but yeah it’s just not. You know i think about the amount of. Copyright infringement and people trying. To. Cheat on unreadable or whatever amazon. Every single day. Um they simply can’t you know reply to. Everyone and explain why. They blocked your account for whatever. Reason so um. It’s not it’s not fun but there are. Other ways to. You know to sell stuff there’s shopify. There’s other websites there’s other. Things so if you get blocks from one. Channel. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell through. Another one so uh. So yeah okay um i think. We will wrap it up shortly we’ve gone. Over by eight minutes i thought we’d. Come under but. Your questions have flooded in um. Scott says i agree about the email tip. Thank you red banana green said they. Can’t. Gearbubble – ORIGINAL My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt They said you can’t describe texture. That may be. Deceptive or confusing like leather. Doesn’t mean you can’t use word. That word at all like as faux leather. Pattern or leather photo. Uh yeah i think if it was me i would. Still stay away from. Anything that implies leather in that. Sense if it was a pun. With the word leather you might be okay. With that but i would certainly stay. Away from anything that’s like. You know faux leather pattern that’s. Kind of the same problem you know that’s. Kind of what they’re trying to avoid. Um you know people will see people will. Search for leather. See a something that says leather even. If it’s faux leather. And then buy it and then complain to. Amazon that you know it wasn’t. Or whatever it was um so yeah. Uh hope that helps. Kenneth do redbubble need tax number to. Pay out. Um i don’t i don’t know i think there’s. Limits on they can pay out a certain. Amount before they need a tax id or. Something. But again it’s been so long that i’ve. Been signed up with regular that i. Wouldn’t know. Exactly what the process is now so um oh. Stan says no. So there you go thank you stan for. Chipping in there so we have an answer. Okay um all right i think we will wrap. It up there so unless there’s any last. Minute questions. Which are coming in as i speak ebb. Bbb did it did it. And we’ll cut it off there and uh yeah. I’ll talk to you next week uh do make. Sure you’re subscribed. Michaelas dot com forward slash live. Which is where i send out. Emails tips tricks and obviously you can. Get access to the five ways to improve. Your ideas ebook. Fonts for t-shirts resources pack idea. Files ebook. All kinds of other good stuff at. Michaelassic.com forward slash. Live thank you for joining me today hope. You got something out of it. Hope i helped you with your design if. You sent it in. And if you didn’t still hope you. Obviously got something out of it thank. You for your questions thanks for. Teechip – My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Contributing. And i will talk to you next week if not. Before. And so yeah thank you guys for joining. Me have a great rest of your thursday. And i’ll talk to you soon alright bye.

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