Mix skinny jeans with the following 4 t-shirt styles

Skinny jeans are still the key item in the trendy wardrobe, the hotness has never decreased. The dynamism and fitness of skinny jeans is very suitable for the summer, this item also gives a good age hacking effect, helps to brighten the outfit. The position of skinny jeans is so important, so if you can successfully conquer this item, you will be praised more and more beautiful. The way to dress the most beautiful standard skinny jeans is also quite simple, every sister just mix with the following 4 shirts to score 10 styles.

white t-shirt

White T-Shirt

White T-shirt looks simple but is considered as the “fashion treasure” of every fashionable woman. When mixing white t-shirts with skinny jeans, your outfit will be youthful, dynamic and still elegant and sophisticated. To improve the height, the legs are stretched to the fullest extent, do not forget to tuck and mix skinny jeans with high heels like many stylish Korean ladies!

xam t-shirt

Pastel Shirt

In the case of women who do not know, the pastel-colored shirt is a hot hit item, being dressed enthusiastically by the Asian connoisseur association. Pastel shirts are very youthful, prominent and elegant enough. Just smart, this item is very suitable for skinny jeans to give you a super hacked outfit, so stylish and elegant, don’t think. When wearing a pastel shirt combo with skinny jeans, if you accentuate shoes like simple doll, sandal, speakerfer or white sneaker, you will get stylish outfits.

Blouse Style

Skinny jeans are not only dusty, but also score in femininity. Therefore, this item is super good when combined with a trendy blouse, such as a sleeveless blouse, a bow tie or a ruffled press. Combo blouse style + skinny jeans pants will give you a lovely outfit, lemongrass and youthful, wearing this outfit to go out or go to work is also reasonable.

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