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It seems I have quite a bit of Harry Potter Clothes . So here’s my t-shirt collection. Hi everyone, it’s Rodney here and today I’m going to show you all my Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt . This started off as a little hobby. During the first lockdown in the UK, over on instagram, where I was sharing a story a day of. What harry potter t-shirt I was wearing that day. And I always meant to film it for youtube but she never got around to it. Now that unfortunately the UK is in a second lockdown, I thought it’s the perfect time to do this. So let’s get on with all the Harry Potter t-shirts. Okay alright, so it’s n no particular order so I thought I’d just go through them. So let’s go to the first one, okay the first one is a recent purchase and it is this. Triwizard Tournament Beauxbatons t-shirt. The reason I got this is because there is so few items for men.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio T Shirt
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That actually represent Beauxbatons, which we know is a. Boy and a girl school, unlike with the films portrayed as just being a girls school. So this is a recent edition, ao that’s why I had to get this one. Alright next one is this one that I purchased not too long ago from the making of Harry Potter, the Warner Bros Studio Tour. And it had all these spells on and it had spells that we’d heard, but never like knew about. Like Cistem Aperio, it’s the one that Tom Riddle casts. Meteleojinx Recanto, again in the books but we’ve never sort of had them in the films so this is a cool one that was like film and it’s like. Kind of velvety letters – it’s just really cool, so i’ll be wearing this quite a lot. So this is a, this is a lovely t-shirt, I do really like this one and hopefully you can see it all. Ok there’s quite a few to get through right so next one is this one that I purchased at a convention. Isn’t it shiny?! Look how amazing it is and of course it is the. Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them cover as featured in the Crimes of Grindelwald.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt
This is actually a ladies t-shirt but . I only realised that after I purchased it. But I thought it was so pretty, I couldn’t get rid of it, so I have worn it, but I kind of have to roll the sleeves up. Because it’s just a weird like sleeve . Cut, but you know, I don’t care, a t-shirt’s a t-shirt. Next one is another one I purchased recently and this is a chocolate frog t-shirt. Again not many chocolate frog like items of merchandise are . Directed for men. So I thought this was a very masculine kind of colouring and this print can . Be put on any t-shirt. I was just really pleased with it so that’s why I thought because of that . Reason I was going to get this. Because I do love me some chocolate frogs. But there’s not a lot of sort of men t-shirts around, so I was very pleased with that one. Next one is another one from the . Warner Bros Studio Tour, because I pretty much go there as often as I can. This year hasn’t meant that i’ve gone there very much but. This is a top I got recently and I really liked it because it had Jude Law as Dumbledore and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. I thought it was really cool it featured this amazing elder wand. Which you know it’s all stories about this, we’re gonna find out how that happens I just thought I really liked it.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt Hoodie
And it also has the elder wand on the back. It’s just really cool, I wear this quite a lot. And it’s still a really nice condition, so I’m really pleased with the t-shirts that I get from the Warner Bros Studio Tour. So whenever there’s a new t-shirt there, I’m like ah – let’s get it. So this is why I have so many t-shirts. This one I purchased when I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I spent and no lie, a whole year trying to get Friday Forty tickets. Battling amongst the world when it was only in the UK. And I finally did get it, so I had to mark the occasion with a t-shirt. Because this is the eighth story, 19 years later. So that’s why I got this one, I like to get t-shirts and memorabilia that mark dates, so that’s why I got this one. Next one is another Crimes of Grindelwald one. This is a design by minalima and it was like one of the . I think of the..yeah. I think it is – it says ‘The Witch’s Friends’ cover. That was about Newt Scamander and how amazing he is and this just gives me like Harry Potter vibes. Isn’t this like, almost like that t-shirt that Harry like always wears, but like a version of that. So I liked the combination of that and it does have Crimes of Grindelwald on the back. Love this t-shirt, that’s why I went with this one. I’m one of those people that does love . Butterbeer and when I saw this t-shirt, I kind of dismissed it. But then I found out that I think it was being discontinued. And the sizing was all like, I don’t know what was going on, but I got this t-shirt and it’s so soft, it’s still really soft and I wear it quite a lot. But I do love butterbeer and I love this old-fashioned label. There’s nothing on the back, it just is a brown thing…brown t-shirt (brown thing? Ha). If you do see it and it’s still . Available then I’d recommend getting it. Because it is a lovely t-shirt and I don’t know how long it’s going to be around. I do hope that we get a label of this one on those new bottles Butterbeer, I guess time will tell. Next one, this one I got from the Platform 9 3/4 Shop at London.
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King’s Cross. It does actually say that on the side there. I do love the Daily Prophet and this one was very much like a Harry Potter t-shirt . Which sometimes I like, most of the time I like more subtle ones but this is a. Pretty much in your face one, but I try and get these like . They’re pretty much all the same color t-shirts . Because I can wear them underneath the jumpers. So there’s a bit of magic I get to carry around me everyday. And not maybe not everyone will notice . Because there’s a jumper over it…but but I know. A recent edition, which came from the Loot Crate: Loot Wear and this is really cool because it’s actually. Got sparkly lettering and stuff on it . I like the pixies and it does have little pixies on the back. Which you can just about see there but . Yeah i really like this one. I didn’t continue to be subscribed to Loot Wear because I wanted more . T-shirts for the cost that they were offering. It was like a t-shirt and then like another. Like clothing item, which I wasn’t gonna wear – like if it was three t-shirts, three or four t-shirts then. I would have stayed, but this is I was still happy with this one, a lot of people like this one – I like this one. So something good came out of it. I’m sure most would be aware of JK Rowling’s Lumos charity and when they were running all these competitions. For Fantastic Beasts premieres and as part of buying the t-shirts, you got entered into that so. Yes of course I entered because I really wanted to go to the premiere – I didn’t win obviously . But I did really like this quote and I still . Like this quote and I got that in white . And does have hashtag we are lumos on the back.

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