Find The Ideal Length For A T-shirt

Sure, summer is the season for T-shirts. This is such a simple, easy-to-wear and so popular item that I… don’t know how to add it. With a T-shirt, you can show off firm arms with healthy tanned skin. There are a million styles, designs for T-shirts, nothing like any other.

T-shirts are long, short, or even crop top. The thing to do here is to find the perfect length for them because length plays a very important role in the overall outfit.
If the T-shirt is too long, the outsider will look like your body is “out”. The bodice covering and clinging to the buttocks will cover all segments of the body, now your body seems to have only 1 block. And the length of the shirt is too short, you will have the effect of “shrinking” the body. Accidentally or intentionally, you also reveal a fair amount of “flesh” when wearing a short shirt, this is much more terrible when you own a big belly.

If in the world there was the perfect T-shirt for all guys, I would definitely tell you. But each person has a different physique, the perfection of one cannot be imposed on others. So how to find the golden ratio for a T-shirt?
First, grab a shirt and put it on as you normally would: Roll your head, thread your arms, and gently pull the bodice down. Stand in front of the mirror, raise one arm as if you were waving from someone from afar. If the belly skin is visible, it means the shirt is short. Ideal length that only allows the waistline to be exposed is.

Next, you need to consider your 3rd round. Let the bodice fall down naturally, if the length only reaches the top of the butt, that shirt is perfect. Another way to get an ideal T-shirt length is by relying on the back pocket of the pants, the bodice should be about 3cm from the edge of the pocket.
Say, how many shirts do you have that qualifying?

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