Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug

Black people are very afraid, of the police. That is a big part, of our culture. It doesn’t matter how rich, you are, how old you are… We’re just afraid of ’em., We got every reason. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug to be afraid of them. You know, I mean like. you’re a white lady.
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Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Mug
you ever been, pulled over before?. You know, and what’d they say, to you, Let me see your driver’s, license and your registration,”, right?. See? See, I’m just guessin’. That’s not what they say, to us. You wouldn’t believe, what they say to us. “Spread your cheeks, and lift your sack, Like, what the fuck?. Excuse me?. “You heard me, spread open, your cheeks and lift your sack, I got a driver’s license too., There’s easier ways. to prove who I am, and shit. What does that prove?. I can’t go to the bank, like that. Cash my check, “What do you mean, you don’t have any ID?”. Wait a minute!. “Oh… Oh, I’m sorry.
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Mr. Chappelle. right this way. Why didn’t you spread, your cheeks in the beginning?”. Scared of ’em. I’m serious man. you ever been at a red light. the police, might pull up next to you. it won’t be no big deal, for you but. I fuckin’ fall apart. “Oh, oh, nigga. Oh, don’t look over there. nigga. No, no, no, But I didn’t always know, that was a black thing. It took me a while, to figure that out. I learned that shit, in New York. -I was in New York City, Now I was hanging out, with a friend of mine. he was a white guy. you know. We was just hanging’ out. and we were lost in the city, and you know. we were smokin’ a joint. Now, I don’t know, if it’s a coincidence. that we were lost and high, and shit but… My white buddy, he was, smokin’ a joint, you know… “Dave! Dave!, It’s the goddamn cops, “I’m gonna ask ’em, for directions, . I said, “Chip! No!, Chip, don’t do it!”. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug It was too late., He was walkin’ over there. this man was high as shit., “Excuse me… Excuse me, sir.”, Touching him and shit. “Excuse me. I need some information. Uh.., Start to confessing things, you shouldn’t confess. “I’m a little high. All I want to know. which way is 3rd Street?”.
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The cop was like. “Hey, take it easy. You’re on 3rd Street. You better be careful., Go ahead, move it. Move it, That’s all that happened. that’s the end of the story. (LAUGHING). Now, I know that’s not, amazing to some of you. But you ask one, of these black fellows. that shit is fucking incredible. isn’t it?. I’m saying a black man, would never dream. of talking, to the police, high. That’s a waste of weed.
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