Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug

Black people are very afraid, of the police. That is a big part, of our culture. It doesn’t matter how rich, you are, how old you are… We’re just afraid of ’em., We got every reason. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug to be afraid of them. You know, I mean like. you’re a white lady.
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Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Mug
you ever been, pulled over before?. You know, and what’d they say, to you, Let me see your driver’s, license and your registration,”, right?. See? See, I’m just guessin’. That’s not what they say, to us. You wouldn’t believe, what they say to us. “Spread your cheeks, and lift your sack, Like, what the fuck?. Excuse me?. “You heard me, spread open, your cheeks and lift your sack, I got a driver’s license too., There’s easier ways. to prove who I am, and shit. What does that prove?. I can’t go to the bank, like that. Cash my check, “What do you mean, you don’t have any ID?”. Wait a minute!. “Oh… Oh, I’m sorry.
Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Mug 30oz Tumbler
Mr. Chappelle. right this way. Why didn’t you spread, your cheeks in the beginning?”. Scared of ’em. I’m serious man. you ever been at a red light. the police, might pull up next to you. it won’t be no big deal, for you but. I fuckin’ fall apart. “Oh, oh, nigga. Oh, don’t look over there. nigga. No, no, no, But I didn’t always know, that was a black thing. It took me a while, to figure that out. I learned that shit, in New York. -I was in New York City, Now I was hanging out, with a friend of mine. he was a white guy. you know. We was just hanging’ out. and we were lost in the city, and you know. we were smokin’ a joint. Now, I don’t know, if it’s a coincidence. that we were lost and high, and shit but… My white buddy, he was, smokin’ a joint, you know… “Dave! Dave!, It’s the goddamn cops, “I’m gonna ask ’em, for directions, . I said, “Chip! No!, Chip, don’t do it!”. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug It was too late., He was walkin’ over there. this man was high as shit., “Excuse me… Excuse me, sir.”, Touching him and shit. “Excuse me. I need some information. Uh.., Start to confessing things, you shouldn’t confess. “I’m a little high. All I want to know. which way is 3rd Street?”.
Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Shirt
The cop was like. “Hey, take it easy. You’re on 3rd Street. You better be careful., Go ahead, move it. Move it, That’s all that happened. that’s the end of the story. (LAUGHING). Now, I know that’s not, amazing to some of you. But you ask one, of these black fellows. that shit is fucking incredible. isn’t it?. I’m saying a black man, would never dream. of talking, to the police, high. That’s a waste of weed.
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Review In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

Welcome Back To New Record Day My Name. Is Ron If You Consider Yourself An. Audiophile Hi-Fi Enthusiast Or A Music. Junkie. Well Welcome Home Make Sure You Hit The. Subscribe Button. And Hit The Bell Notification So You. Know When The Next Video Drops. And Today’s Video Is A Review Of The. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt.
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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

If You Have A Sense Of Humor And If You. Don’t.  Audio Freya Plus Folks. Let’s Get This Show Started But Before. We Do A Quick Word. From Today’s Video Sponsor Buying Cables. For Hi-Fi Equipment Doesn’t Need To Be. Complicated And Today’s Show Sponsor. Audio Arc Cable Is Here To Help With The. Wide Range Of Cables For Every Budget. Now Nrd Is No Stranger To Audio Art. Cables. In The Past We Have Reviewed Their. Classic Line And Even Took Their Award. Winning Statement Series For A Spin. Both Of Those Reviews Will Be Linked In. The Description Down Below When We Asked. Rob Fritz Of Audio Art Cable To Hook Us. Up With The Goods For This Review. He Recommended An Entire Loom Of Cryo THE SCHITT. Cables. Including Their In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt ShirtInterconnects. And THE SCHITT Speaker Cables Keeping My.

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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Hoodie
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Hoodie

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White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt

I’m always reluctant to critique the age. Of kovid. Through the lens of consumerism because. It feels too much. Like a first world problem but since. Most of us. Have been indoctrinated into shopping. And commerce as a way of life. It seems appropriate to talk about. Because something is going on below the. Surface. That is more sinister than what it. Appears to be. Over the past year we’ve pointed out.
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White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt
That the policies surrounding masks. And social distancing taken by stores. Like costco. Sprouts trader joe’s and whole foods. Market are corporate in nature. And that corporations are superseding. Law and human rights through corporate. Policy. Which is fascism. In the past in all corporate retail. Settings. Employees were trained to think that. They are shopkeepers. And that customer service is important. At least it was until march 13 2020.

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White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Women's T Shirt
At that point customer service. Went out the window. And the idea of valued customers went. With it, Employees are now trained to be guard. Dogs for the corporations. And to believe that customers are no. Longer valued unless they follow the. Rules and policies of the store. Whole foods market costco sprouts and. Trader joe’s. Have been especially harsh with the mask. And distancing policies. And they’ve relied on their retrained. Employees as well as their newly. Indoctrinated customers. To enforce those policies through. Bullying. Refusal of service and intimidation. These are tactics that were used in nazi. Germany, After march 13 2020 trader joe’s became. Extremely fascist seemingly. Overnight stories were pouring in about. The change in the staff’s behavior. It wasn’t only witnessed by me but.
White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Couple T Shirt
Everyone across the country, Before there was any such thing as a. Mask. Mandate by the governors we went to shop. At a White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt store in pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. And noticed that the staff and the. Customers. Were all masked up we were disillusioned. And confused by this transformation. And bizarre behavior we’d heard about. Forced social distancing policies and. Expected a line outside the store. But we were shocked when we were told. That because we had brought. Our own bags that we had to bag our. Items. Outside personally i’m fine with bagging. My own groceries myself. Inside the store i’ve done it many times. But we were told we couldn’t do that. Either. The checkers insisted that they bag the. Items themselves. In paper bags or that we can do it. Ourselves. In our own bags outside we take the bus. A long distance to and from the store so. We use cloth bags because the paper ones.
White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Hoodie
Just don’t hold up. Outside treated like pariahs with. Everyone looking on. We unhappily bagged our groceries we. Didn’t complain to the employees. Nor to the manager but we did have. Something to say, Okay remember the days when you used to. Be rewarded. For bringing your own bag now you’re. Punished. So if you don’t bag your groceries or. You don’t have your groceries bagged. In you know inside the grocery store in. A bag that they provide. Then you’re punished and you’re banished. To come outside and have to. Bag your own groceries so 75 dollars. Worth of groceries. And we don’t even get them bagged. Anymore they don’t even want to touch. Our. Unclean infected bags. And so did an employee who didn’t like. Us complaining. What if it’s raining out then i’m. Getting you know. Okay well if it’s raining right here. So i’m not worried about it well we. Didn’t ask you to comment. Either yeah but we didn’t ask you to. Stand outside and comment on our policy. Do you know what’s going on in the world. Right i do actually yeah we do actually. It’s cool yeah it’s called fascism it’s. Called fascism. Are you serious right now we haven’t.

White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt, T Shirt And Hoodie

White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale T Shirt
Been back since. In our new model series videos the great. Reset. Resetting christmas and our most recent. 13 amended we talk about how shopping. And gathering in public is going away. Because the places we gather. And the places where we shop cost money. To the corporations. And cut into profits and that’s what we. See. As the reason these policies are. Enforced. So fiercely by retail stores in. Particular. A new indoctrination is taking place. It’s replacing. An older model of consumerism one where. We go to a store. And buy things ourselves we are being. Retrained through brutal. White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt Anti-life tactics we’re being told that. We no longer have autonomy. We’re being pushed into a system where. We stay at home.

French girl “enchantment” shirt style: Wearing a few years old when you are, the elegance is no exaggeration

At the present time, if Korean girls are actively wearing pale blue shirts that are both youthful and elegant, French girls give priority to a sweeter shirt style. lids are shortened. And when we have a very long summer ahead, it is clearly essential to update the wardrobe with a variety of soft, cool shirts. So, sisters do not ignore the following leggings shirt model of French girls because if you add to the wardrobe, you will easily have elegant, stylish and romantic outfits like them.

Short-sleeved shirts are not really a new item for French women. They have been actively wearing sleeveless shirts since last year, but until the summer of this year, the hotness of this item has not declined, even tending to increase heat when many French ladies choose to dress. The sleeveless shirt is first and foremost a very light, cool item. With this design, there’s no need to worry about rolling your sleeves, and you still get very good cooling outfits in hot summer.

The short-sleeved shirt that can hack the age is very effective because it looks fresh and sweet. Even so, this item is still very elegant, and has a hint of vintage romance. French women not only favor one or two styles of plain-sleeved blouses, they also flexibly transform with many different versions such as floral motifs, fluffy sleeves or polka dots … This style will keep your style fresh, and contribute to creating extremely “tech” and eye-catching virtual living pictures.

Short-sleeved shirts mix with many items, such as skirt legs or loose pants. However, if you ask about the perfect “other half” of a sleeveless shirt, it can only be jeans. Short-sleeved shirt combo jeans is also a recipe for French girls. This combination gives them a super youthful outfit that is a bit classic, romantic, but elegant. When wearing this combo, the French girl never forgets to make sure that the outfit is neat, effective for the set, and at the same time, upgrading the stylish look.

Tips & Tricks For Finding The Perfect T-Shirt

It would be nice if t-shirt sizes were standard, and that if every time you picked up a size medium in any store, it was exactly the same size. Unfortunately, a medium in some stores is the size of an extra large in other stores.

Because of the raging disparity in what the size label actually means, it’s difficult to determine what size t-shirt you should be wearing. When determining how a t-shirt should fit, here are some things to look for:

  1. Size/Tightness
    A t-shirt that fits correctly should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it’s too loose, it’ll hang on you like a box and look completely unflattering. If it’s too tight, it’ll look like you’re squeezed into it and are about to burst the seams at any point — a look that will almost certainly come across as conceited and annoying.
  2. Shoulder Seams
    The shoulder seams are a good way to tell how well a shirt fits you. Ideally, these seams should reach to the end of your shoulder at the very top of your arm. If they extend down your upper arm, the shirt is too big. If they don’t reach the end of your shoulder, the shirt is too small.
  3. Sleeves
    The sleeves should extend about halfway down your upper arm. If you’re exceptionally tall, you might be safe wearing sleeves that are slightly longer, as these will look more proportional.
  4. Length
    The bottom hem of your t-shirt shouldn’t hit any higher than your hips, or it’s too small. It should cover your waistband and extend a few inches past that. If it’s shorter than that, it’ll look like a crop top when you raise your arms. If it’s longer than that, it’ll look like a dress. When trying on a t-shirt, make sure you raise your arms to see how far it rides up.
  5. Shape
    Many cheap t-shirts have no shape to them at all. They hang like boxes when you put them on and are extremely unattractive. Search instead for a t-shirt that follows the lines of your body a little more. Avoid any that are cut in the shapes of large squares.

Find The Ideal Length For A T-shirt

Sure, summer is the season for T-shirts. This is such a simple, easy-to-wear and so popular item that I… don’t know how to add it. With a T-shirt, you can show off firm arms with healthy tanned skin. There are a million styles, designs for T-shirts, nothing like any other.

T-shirts are long, short, or even crop top. The thing to do here is to find the perfect length for them because length plays a very important role in the overall outfit.
If the T-shirt is too long, the outsider will look like your body is “out”. The bodice covering and clinging to the buttocks will cover all segments of the body, now your body seems to have only 1 block. And the length of the shirt is too short, you will have the effect of “shrinking” the body. Accidentally or intentionally, you also reveal a fair amount of “flesh” when wearing a short shirt, this is much more terrible when you own a big belly.

If in the world there was the perfect T-shirt for all guys, I would definitely tell you. But each person has a different physique, the perfection of one cannot be imposed on others. So how to find the golden ratio for a T-shirt?
First, grab a shirt and put it on as you normally would: Roll your head, thread your arms, and gently pull the bodice down. Stand in front of the mirror, raise one arm as if you were waving from someone from afar. If the belly skin is visible, it means the shirt is short. Ideal length that only allows the waistline to be exposed is.

Next, you need to consider your 3rd round. Let the bodice fall down naturally, if the length only reaches the top of the butt, that shirt is perfect. Another way to get an ideal T-shirt length is by relying on the back pocket of the pants, the bodice should be about 3cm from the edge of the pocket.
Say, how many shirts do you have that qualifying?

How To Check Quality Of T-Shirt?

To evaluate whether a shirt has a beautiful color or not, people often pay attention to the first fabric. By not the same as other t-shirt products, T-shirts often have simple colors, no patterns or print at all, so fabric material is an important measure to evaluate shirts.

Choose material for T-shirt

Good fabric material is to be soft, default to cool and has good stretch mode. With such requirements, only 100% 4-way cotton fabric can meet this. Good cotton fabric helps the wearer to comfortably move, play in all circumstances, help you become more confident in work and study.

Choose the right color T-shirt

Color is the second factor to consider when choosing a plain T-shirt. Choose the most popular colors today, these colors will help you easily coordinate, you can also refer to some of the most popular colors of the year to choose the right shirt.
Choose a T-shirt style

Choose T-shirt style

Nowadays, there are also many T-shirt designs for you to choose from, depending on your needs, there is the best choice for you. For Women’s T-shirts, the most popular design is a hugging t-shirt that shows off the curves of the body. If you love the dynamic youthful style, you can try the poses that are both comfortable and easy to move.

How To Mix With The Best T-Shirt 2021?

T-shirts, which are basic items, easily create a dynamic look for your girlfriend. At Nhan Nguyen Shop, women easily “mix & match” beautiful, unique, strange and unique outfits for this summer.
Cap-Ex Store is a fashion shopping destination “loved” by many women. This place “scores” thanks to: diversified products, updated designs, materials, competitive prices, professional customer care and consultation … With Cap-Ex Store, you will have an unforgettable shopping experience, easily find suitable and respectful clothes.

The girls often have diverse and stylish wardrobe. Thanks to that, girlfriends can easily “mix & match” many fashionable clothes, breaking the way, suitable for many different circumstances and locations. Summer is coming, the Cap-Ex Store has dynamic summer outfits suggestions.
T-shirts are a basic item, girls always have a few T-shirts in their lockers. In the summer, the girlfriend can “transform” the style when combining T-shirts with other items, creating dynamic sets of clothes, convenient to go to school, go to work, go out … personality but not less polite.

When coordinating T-shirts with short shorts, girlfriends can t shirt or wear into a dynamic, youthful “hidden pants” fashion, suitable for picnics, outings with friends, family. In addition, T-shirts combined with fabric pants, long jeans will help enhance the shape, create an elegant beauty, suitable for school and work. T-shirts when combined with spread skirts, hugging skirts will create a soft outfit, suitable for gentle girls.

Cap-Ex Store The Favorite Brand Page On The Online Market Today

Young fashion such as Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt is not too strange for young and dynamic girls. This outfit has the characteristic of simple, easy to coordinate, but still modern. Because of the high frequency of use during the day, they require good quality, high durability and the ability to hold good form.

Founded in May 2019, up to now, the brand … has risen to become a new phenomenon in the field of fashion business – consumption in the US.
To realize her goals, Jolia Nguyen – founder of fashion brand Cap-Ex Store – focuses on online sales. Understanding the anxiety of customers in buying poor quality goods or being scammed online, Cap-Ex Store’s online consulting team was established to advise customers directly when ordering through. network, at the same time solving problems that arise if there is a fastest way. Taking advantage of the convenience and savings of selling online, the Cap-Ex Store implicitly has a large number of busy customers who never seem to have time to care for their looks.

As the world becomes flatter and online services become more and more popular, Cap-Ex Store’s direct – online business model has caught up with and integrates with the domestic and foreign markets.
CEO Jolia Nguyen wants the Cap-Ex Store brand to be everywhere, bringing half of the world the best quality fashion products at the right price, and the best experience when choosing clothes to make. beautiful for yourself.

CEO Jolia Nguyen hopes that after the Cap-Ex Store becomes stable in the US, she can take her brainchild to further away, to overseas markets; Because compared to the European – American fashion, European fashion has a more competitive advantage because of diversified designs, cheap prices. But above all, serving domestic consumers, making sure everyone enjoys products with a clear origin and bringing jobs to many new employees are the biggest goals of the young CEO. This age sets out.
Women, please visit the Cap-Ex Store to freely try beautiful clothes and pants in a youthful, dynamic and healthy style.