[Deals] Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt, Hoodie And Tanktop

Set on Destruction, on it. To me, this is like the Craziest shirt I own actually just because it means so. Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt Much to me, Husker Du. It’s the best. Now this is, I think, just the coolest. It’s from ’89, right? ’86, so this is from 86,. From a Dead and Petty and Dylan tour, had Minneapolis. Akron, Buffalo, Washington, what a run. Look at that. It’s got. A surf and skeleton. It’s just one of those shirts, that old English Grateful. Dead font is so sick. The skull, the steely.
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Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt
It’s just fire. These are some of the shirts. That mean a lot to me. Sorry, I don’t have some. Big watch collection or some fancy cars or a bunch of really expensive. Designer bags or some, but i’ve got a bunch of really old yellow arm pitted t-shirts with a bunch of holes in them, all right? So moving on, knives are. Kind of, I feel, like watches or even more special. They last forever, good ones. Do, and you can hand them down to your family. I’ve been a fan of Bob. Kramer for some time. I’ve been using his knives for years and I just love everything about them. They’re a big handle. It’s fat. It’s a fat handle. You can’t really get Bob. Kramer original knives. They’re like these hidden artifacts. Some chefs, I know, have. Them, not a lot of chefs.
Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Sweater
I always wanted original.. I don’t even know. It’s very difficult to even find them ’cause nobody wants to give them up. About, what, a month, two months ago, I was asked by my buddy Joel. And Al, at Dine Alone Records. They were doing this silent auction and raising money for Black Lives Matter, and they’re like, “Do you have anything?” I was like, “I don’t know if I have.” What am I going to do?. I’m going to give a pan? And I was like, I don’t. Want to give a knife. But then I was just like, nah, it, I’m going to get one of my knives. So I had a Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Hoodie, Sweater And T Shirt that I use in… I’ve used in a lot of videos and it was my favorite Bob Kramer, but the thing that’s kind of. Crazy is I gave my knife up for a silent auction and it. Was one of the biggest items. I think it raised. Literally like over $7,000. I follow Bob and Bob follows me and we’ve had a few communications. And then Bob hit me up and wrote me this really beautiful note, just saying how he’s so stoked. That I put that knife up and he wanted to send me a. New knife, to replace the one that I paid forward. He sent me a new knife and he sent me an original. Bob Kramer, and to me, this is probably my most prized knife. I’ve been a fan for so long. And that was very touching, so it just means a lot to me. This is the most important. Line of knives that I own. I have a pretty large knife collection. This is a knife made by Isamu Yamaguchi. These knives have a wild story. So I first wanted to get these. Knives, based purely on a set of Japanese knives with octagonal handles. I love round handled knives. ‘Cause I have big meaty paws and I always find that the. Handles are too skinny,

[Deals] Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt, Hoodie And Tanktop

Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Hoodie
And layer steel together. So I have seven of these. Knives. Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt I do use them. and I saw my friend and. Incredible chef,  he posted on his Instagram. That he got this knife and the handle was just this beautiful, there’s no guard on it. It’s just a single piece of wood. He posted this thing and I hit him up. I was like, “What are these knives? “This knife looks like. The most perfect knife “in the world to me.” And he was just like,. “Yo, I got these knives “at this knife store in Beverly Hills.” And then I was like, “i’m. Going to this knife store “to find these knives.” So Isamu Yamaguchi-san, he. Has a pretty special story. He was born in 1927 in Tokyo.. He never left Tokyo ever. His father was a knife maker. And he was the only son that stuck with it and learned. The art of knife making, and all of these knives are lost in time because he never kept track of. When those knives were made, made knives. Every single sheaf is handmade by him. He made 100% of the knife himself. He forged every blade,. He sharpened every blade. When he was still. Apprenticing under his father, he lost his thumb in a grinding wheel, and these knives are so. Old, that there’s copper. He used copper to forget. They are impeccable knives. To own these knives and to use. These knives is very special because every single one. Is just one of a kind. I think it is just such a. Beautiful story, and to use them, I think, is what really matters. You don’t want to just take these and put them up on the wall. You want to take these. And you want to use them. From thinking something was cool to really kind of going deeper. And understanding something just a little bit, just a. Little, I’m still learning. So these are a couple of my. Favorite things that I own, knives and t-shirts, I. Guess, are the things that make me kind of the happiest, out of the possessions that I have. I just want to thank. Esquire for having me on. Hopefully you guys have a great day and I appreciate your time. Hopefully, you’ve got a. Couple things in your life that make you happy. Alright, take care, world peace.
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[Cheap] Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

I am wearing a Hillary for prison. Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt at my public school today Boca. Raton high school senior Maxine Yankel. Never thought her Hillary for prison. It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt would get her sent to the. Principal’s office I have to take it off. Or I’m gonna be in in-school suspension.
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Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt
For the rest of the day that’s what a School administrator allegedly told ya. Go after her shirt sparked a debate in. Class there was a group of girls in. There who started talking really loudly. And kind of obnoxiously about how awful. Trump supporters are and how they’re all. Racist in Boca Raton High School’s. Handbook there is no dress code rule. That says political shirts are. Prohibited but any clothes that is. Deemed potentially disruptive is not. Allowed if you get a bad reaction on. Your shirt then it’s against the rules. Yankel says she’s getting hateful. Comments on the Facebook video she. Posted about the shirt it is bullying. Because I almost deleted that video last.
Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Hoodie
Night because I was getting so much hate. And it really it hurts teachers in other. Local schools are seeing the elections. Effects as well all the gloves have come. Off Jason Carver teaches US government. And history at Riviera Beach preparatory. And achievement Academy he’s had to stop. Class at times to have serious. Discussions I’m all for the freedom of. Speech and expression but there are. Definitely things especially in the. Classroom that you can be considered out. Of line. Yankel believes in this case. It’s Time We Circle Back Donald Trump Shirt Administrators taught the wrong lesson. Those girls were intolerant of my views. And my beliefs and that’s teaching them. That that’s okay. Say this five letter word and you’ll. Almost always get a strong response and. Lots of opinions still one one man wore. A Trump’s shirt to his gym he was. Surprised by what the gym owner asked. Him to do 5 on your side’s Mary Ann. Martinez reports from Troy Missouri. Well this chimp says its members have. 24-hour access but we talked to a gym. Member who says what he wore made him. Feel unwelcome. Yeah just walked in I was gonna work. Allocate you to do on Sunday morning. Jake Talbot has been going to the same. Gym for the last eight years but on. Sunday he decided to never go back i’m. Not gonna come back to my establishment.
Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Sweater
Like that he was working out wearing. This shirt it reads 2016 Trump for. President but he says the gym owner told. Him there was a lot more between the. Lines it’s offensive to her and others. I’m like okay she’s like yeah represents. Racism and it’s you know it’s racist to. Have that shirt the gym owner says she. Approached him because other gym members. Expressed their discomfort over the. Shirt she says she never asked Jake to. Leave or change just not to wear it. Again. Jake continued to work out and left soon. After he posted this video on Facebook. The owner. Latest came out to me and said that my. Trump sure that I had on it’s been. Viewed thousands of times it’s free. Country that’s what I fight for like so. I love this country like very patriotic. Jake is a veteran he served in. Afghanistan and is in the National Guard. That’s my commander-in-chief that’s he’s. Doing a job everybody needs to support. Him like I think he’s doing a good job. He says he was expressing his support. For the president. I’m tired of that’s the split the divide.

[Cheap] Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back T Shirt

In the whole country like it’s we need. Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt To come together so if that words thrown. Away too much I don’t like it it’s I. Hear it all the time I mean if there’s. An excuse it needs to be brought up. That’s what they pointed to you so yeah. Just that word I’m just like stop like. Just stop it’s it’s long gone it’s past. Meanwhile Jake found another place to. Work out his viral post got him a free. Membership to another gym in town I. Spoke with the gym owner she did not. Want to do an interview but she sent me. A text with a statement that’s. I have much respect for all of our. Service members. I regret that some were offended by this. Misunderstanding I was simply attempting. To ensure that all of my members felt. Safe and unthreatened in Troy Mary Ann. Martinez 5 on your side we want. . . . It was a busy busy busy year I think if. You want to know about America in the. Age of Trump there’s one place to go to. Find out and that’s America we went to a. Trump rally in Houston in the sort of. Waning days of the midterm campaign it. Is a show and Donald Trump knows how to. Put on a show his opponent in this race. Is this so-called phony as a journalist. We’re kept in a pen in the middle Trump. Makes a reference to the media out there.
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[Free Shipping] Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Shirt

Hey guys what’s going on welcome back to. My channel if you’re new here make sure. Little different because it’s night time. Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Shirt Now it’s 8 p.m.. Honestly the last few days i haven’t. Spent time with the kids because all. After all that kobe bryant stuff i was. Like alright let me just turn it down. Don’t work so much spend time with the. Kids so that’s what i’ve been doing. Haven’t stressed a little bit too but. Spending time with the kids um i am. Gonna be shipping out some of the merch. Shirts this is the olive green color. Lighting down here s uck s but this is.
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Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I'm Not Done Yet Shirt
Olive green one my goals are time. Sensitive and this is available at kids. Custom designs calm again i will not be. Shipping anything between february 3rd. And february 7th i will begin shipping. Again on february 8th but you can still. Purchase items on the website during the. Time this will be open it just will not. Be shipping until february 8th again you. Can still purchase until february 2nd i. Still ship stuff on monday but i just. Wanna let you guys know so these are 99. Free shipping in the usa and i did add. The uk australia and canada because a. Lot of you guys are from those other. Three areas so they have been added so. I’m just gonna go ahead and make some of. These shirts because y’all ordered them. So thank you thank you thank you thank. You for all your support so make some of. Those and i do have a bunch of orders to. Do i want to get my orders done i think. I have i that is my child it’s creepy. Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes Shirt that just magically turned on. Creepy children’s toys creepy um i have. I think 43 orders left to do but i. Wanted a better number saturday but i. Don’t think that’s really possible so. I’ll just go sunday maybe hopefully. Crossed fingers sunday everything still. Just creepy toy so hopefully i can get. Them done it’s a lot of vinyl shirts and. They weren’t sure you got to them how i. Layered the glitter vinyl for shirts. It’s cute away again. Um so i’m gonna go ahead and do that and. Get started. So yeah i’ll be making some of these. Shirts some of these shirts i guess i. Should show you the colors so you can’t. Really see in here actually. So these are the charity pink and the. Olive the maroon and the team purple. Color and i don’t know if it’s in here.

Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I’m Not Done Yet Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I'm Not Done Yet Hoodie
That kids custom designs come and go. Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes Shirt Ahead and mix um because i have a lot of. Work to do and it’s 8 o’clock already, So i got a bunch of i’m doing a bunch. Working order to to now i already got. Half of it done and make the purple. Pieces and then i’ll be doing with tutus. I did all those orders which were the 22. Of the merged shirts and then three on. Tootles that’s not a few more shirts to. Make after that but it didn’t i’ve. Gotten so far so far so far, It’s the next day i finished one that. Ribbon trim i was working on last night. And do any other work besides that i. Think still like a total of 25 is. Shorter’s post office hasn’t picked them. With me yet but they’re out there now i. Have to try to catch up kind of and i. Have a bunch of vinyl shirts to make no. One’s a valentine’s day Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I’m Not Done Yet Shirt vinyl a. Already home. And yeah that’s work oh yeah this is the. Heather team purple shirt and you can. Get this one also ed kids custom designs. Dads come, Okay so this is the Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I’m Not Done Yet Shirt shirt i’m. Going to be making chocolate ur eyes. Obviously these aren’t glitter these are. Normal black vinyl these all glitter. Heat transfer vinyl so i’m gonna make i. Think like eight or nine to make but as. You can see it’s glitter glitter glitter. Glitter glitter all he turns around like. Just like i just said so i didn’t know. When i first started was that you cannot. Put glitter on top of glitter so yes it. Looks like it’s glitter on top of. Glitter but in all actuality this is. Just a piece right here ends right here. This ends right here so it’s not a whole. Heart here it’s cut right here exactly. So that the paint can fit in because if. You lay your glue no super glitter it. Will come off when you wash it it. Doesn’t stick permanently um glitter he. Trying to vinyl needs a smooth surface. To stick to so i learned that the harder. Way so i’m gonna go ahead and make that. So i saved all my designs um in cricut. Design space and these is from last year. So i was worried i couldn’t remember. What fine i use but since i’d saved it. It saves the font – so now i know so. These are not that names i need at all. So that means you know so i like to. Group my items because otherwise lining.

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Top Contra Rip Off Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt And Longsleeve

What’s going on guys as you can see by Contra Rip Off Shirt The title today we’ll be going over the. Best most affordable plain t-shirts in 2021 so if you’ve not been to my channel. Before this is where i view honest. Clothing reviews i always try on my. Clothes and at the end of Moteefe Company T-Shirt i. Will give them a reading out of 10 based. On three criteria those criteria are. Number one fit worth four points. Number two is comfort worth three points. And number three is style and that’s. Also worth three points okay so with. That being said let’s go ahead and get. Started with Moteefe Company T-Shirt so today we have. Three different types of shirts that are. The same brand but three different. Models okay before i start i just want.
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Moteefe - Contra Rip Off Shirt
To say you’re welcome because these. Shirts are awesome okay they’re really. Cheap they range from like four to six. Dollars and i find myself going for. These every single day. I just bought more recently and i know. That you guys are gonna like these so. You’re welcome and let me know what you. Think in the comments once you get these. If you do. So this first contra Rip Off Shirt that i’m wearing. Right now is the 6210 model and this is. Indigo for size reference on the size. Medium i’m like 165 6 feet tall when you. Put the Contra Rip Off Shirt on it just feels kind of. Like this is what a t-shirt is supposed. To feel like you know and i mean it. Doesn’t feel like it’s four dollars it. Feels like it’s 20 you know there’s. Nothing crazy about it it’s not super. Duper stretchy or extra crazy premium. But it’s just a solid t-shirt and the. Way it fits is awesome it’s the perfect. Length for me you know i just did a cut. To review recently and you know their. Shirts just they’re so snug into your. Armpits this gives me a little bit of. Room but it’s still snug around my arms. I just really like thiscontra Rip Off Shirt okay so. This is the second color for the 6210. Model this is stone gray. Another awesome color they just fit so. Good for being like a little over $4 you. Cannot beat this we you can actually if. You wait a little bit longer my favorite. Shirts at the end of this all three of. These are the same brand by the way but. They’re just a little bit different okay. So this is the 60 for 10 model and if. You look in the title of where ever you.

Top Contra Rip Off Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt And Longsleeve

Moteefe - Contra Rip Off Hoodie
Purchase it from it has the words waited. In it so it actually feels like suede. It’s so cool it’s really really soft and. This one is like 5 and change and i. Believe this one is called forest green. Let me check out that one side okay so. This is heather for screen but again. They all have pretty much that same fit. Snug around the arms perfect length not. Too too tight but definitely not too. Loose. This is one of those shirts where you. Ask people to feel it because it’s so. Soft and you just want to like show off. How soft to share that but this one is. 60% cotton and 40% polyester so a little. Bit different of the materials but feels. Kind of the same on the inside but i. Like the outside and i feel like maybe. Might be softer than the inside okay and. Here is the second color for the 60 410. This one is heather maroon okay guys. This one right here is my favorite out. Of the three so this is the 6200 and it. Is 65% polyester and 35 cotton which i. Know some people are kind of against. That they they prefer to have a higher. Cotton t-shirt but there’s no way it. Will be softer than this one. They have just figured out this blend. And it is crazy soft this is definitely. My favoritecontra Rip Off Shirt i got one of these. Last time because i was used to getting. The sixty two tens i got one of these to. Try and immediately ordered. More of these that’s how soft it is and. I’ve tried to wear them every single day. Since so that’s how much i like them i. Know that you guys will like them like. Please comment again if you like these. Cuz i want to hear you have to say so. They are a little bit thin i don’t want. You to be expecting like a 50 dollar. Premium t-shirt Contra Rip Off Shirt, Hoodie And Sweatshirt but how for how soft. This is and for the way that it fits me. It’s so comfortable and this one is six. Dollars and some change so a little bit. More expensive than the other ones you. Know you might have to break the bank a. Little bit but i love this t-shirt okay. So this is the second color that i have. For the 6200 model this is called shiraz. They just have such cool colors too six. Books crazy soft has stretch this one. Has a little more stretch than the other. Ones it is thin a crazy soft. Okay so now for the reading so forfeit. Which is out of four points i’m giving. All three of the models a three point. Six okay i love the fit of all three of. These that basically for the same so. Important for me is it needs to be tight. Around my arms perfect length not too. Tight but not too loose this is just the. Way i want my shirts defending so moving. On to comfort so for the 62 10 and the. 64 10 models i’m giving it a two point. Three out of three and for the sixty two. Hundred which is my favorite one i’ll be. Giving it a two point seven out of three. Okay the first 60 210 and 64 ten they. They’re definitely comfortable and on. The outside of the 64 10 it feels really. Soft and like suede so that’s. Comfortable on the inside of the 64 10. It basically feels the same as the 62 10. This is probably confusing i’m sorry but. It’s just what it is and again for this. One that i’m wearing right here the 6200.
Moteefe - Contra Rip Off T Shirt
Really comfy it’s one of the most comfy. Shirts i’ve worn and it’s only six. Dollars again i have tried all t-shirts. I feel like i’ve tried cuts byl t so. Many and i still think this is my. Favorite it is thin i feel like it might. Be like one of those things if you have. Like nipples that you don’t want to show. Through you might not want to get this.Contra Rip Off Shirt so there’s that but i just the way. That it feels is so nice so that is for. Comfort and lastly first style which is. How good thecontra Rip Off Shirt looks i’m giving it a. Two point six out of three i think they. They look great the color selections are. Awesome you know i mean like it’s not. Just a typical red blue gray black white. Like they have cool colors that you can. Choose from so that gives a total for. The 6210 and the 60 410 of an eight. Point six out of ten. And the 6,200 model that gives it a 9.0. Out of 10 so thank you guys so much for. Watching i really hope you enjoyed this. Video and this helps you out a little. Bit. I know these shirts were a hidden gem. For me and i was really excited when i. Found these so i hope you guys feel the. Same way if you do put it in a comment i. Want to know if you like them or not if. I’m completely out of line or if i’m you. Know really helping you guys out so if. Contra Rip Off Shirt You can like if you can subscribe i’d. Really appreciate it but thank you guys. Again so much for reading.
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ORIGINAL Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt

Where I gotta show you guys something. Real quick nice that sunset isn’t those. Trees in my face yeah okay ends. Here right peace. Know what’s going on guys your boy X and. Today we just got this in the mail now. It’s from otaku class so Zach from otaku. Plans to meet us out I’m not for sure. What’s in here although it does feel. Like some clue it does feel like some. Clothing so y’all know me we bout to pop. This bad boy open so without further to. Do let’s begin starting with the Dragon. Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt pop the pop a. Bottle of champagne open because he just. Divorced chichi noms i’ll just play. Number this shirt is amazing I really. Love the texture usually I wear when I. Wear my shirts I wear a medium or a. Large but mainly mediums when I told. Zack my size he told me I should get a 4. XL now at first I was a little skeptical. Myself because I’m like a but. He assured me that it would fit my size. Now when it sent and I actually put no. Tried it on everything it did fit it. Fits more like a large I would say so. Definitely if you do want to get like a. Large I would say that would be probably. Get up for XL and I would assume you. Know if you get a medium go ahead and. Get you a 3x I believe three XL a papi. Medium but yes if it’s real well perfect. Love the artwork on there the color you.
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Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt
Know I’m trying to get my color. Different colors up so definitely love. The shirt now going into the hoodie guys. I love this hoodie I mean I can’t wait. For winter to come so I can’t wear this. Video if you didn’t know from the. Opening of this video I love Rick and. Morty and that is the hoodie he sent me. Rick and Morty kitty now when I saw the. Scheme of this hoodie first the color. You know with the red circle and. Everything I honestly thought it wasn’t. Gonna be an Itachi hoodie which would. Have been amazing as well but it is a. Rick and Morty hoodie I would say maybe. Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt In that a-hole Itachi scheme like a. Design so I really loved it. Two of my favorite colors are red. Black so put all together and you got. Yourself an amazing city. Now the hoodie is also for excel so it. Fit me great cuz I love like for my. Hoodies I always get them large cuz I. Don’t want my sleeve. You know I want my sleeves to reach my. Wrist is what I’m trying to say so these. You know they go right to my wrist they.
Rick And Morty Adidas T Shirt
Fit me well and I’m just a loving this. So definitely if you you know if you. Want you know if you want your hoodie to. Fit you you know get to your sleeves. Like I said I wear a medium and shirts. But when it comes to my hoodies or my. Jackets always get a large so definitely. For excels for you if you want a little. Smaller go ahead get you a three XL or. Two XL but definitely this is perfect. For me. Otaku plan.com has amazing affordable. Clothing and items ranging from jackets. Hoodies t-shirts tank tops posters. Accessories and even swim trunks you. Never know when you’re gonna get wet. Guys designs ranging from your favorite. Animes games comics and even more so.
Rick And Morty Adidas Hoodie
Definitely if you want to buy a gift for. Your loved one or even if you want to. Buy something for yourself make sure you. Check this website out a link will be in. The description box below I really. Appreciate it guys if you like what you. See make sure y’all check that math as a. Website out the link will be in. Description box but look a lot of good. Stuff there so make sure y’all go ahead. And buy y’all somethin nice but without. Further ado guys that is all so let’s. Bend your boy X and I’m out.. What is up guys welcome back to another. Video right we’re in another different. Location because. Everyone’s in the house so we’ve got to. Try and keep out of each other’s ways. You know i mean so but.
Rick And Morty Adidas Sweater
Today we have got a massive adidas. Try on hall we’ve got a few pairs of. Trainers we’ve got some clothes. Like it’s nice for lounging about in the. House you know i mean like tracksuit. Sort of scene. It’s my sort of thing at the minute like. Just wearing tracksuits all the time. And like comfy clothes so we’re going to. Go through it. Laura’s sat here she’s going to throw me. The stuff so. We’re going to try and get it done. Quickly but i’m going to match a few. Like athleisure. Activewear outfits together as always. Guys i’m going to link it all in the. Description as well so if you want to. Check it out go and have a look down. There. If you do enjoy the video don’t forget. To drop it a like and subscribe to the. Channel. If you’ve not already and press the. Little bell notifications to keep up to. Date on all the videos. But yeah let’s crack on with it all. Right guys so the first item we’ve got. Is this really nice Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt. It’s kind of like a streetwear style. It’s got the stripes along the front. And on the back but i actually got 30. Off this full order. Which is very ideal my sister’s student. Discount sorted us out. Right so first item it’s actually very.
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ORIGINAL My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt

That design is going to work best for. And just kind of pursue that so yeah. Obviously you can offer a lot of. Different products. Um hundreds or maybe even thousands of. Different types of products but i would. Like to keep it so the things i knew you. Know i’m not going to offer my design on. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt A key ring. Even though i can or on a dog’s bandana. Or all the crazy stuff we can offer it. On. Um unless i have a particular reason you. Know i think that that design would. Would be something people might be. Looking for in a product like that so. Yeah. Teddy any thoughts on balancing time. Management between design creating. Listings updating websites social media. It’s also overwhelming. Um yeah teddy it’s a really hard one to. To give advice on because everyone’s so. Different and. Um where you’re at you know if you’re. Just starting out versus if you. If you’ve already got you know residual. Income coming in and stuff like that. Um i would say that you always need to. Be producing stuff. If you want to you know grow your grow. Your income. And um and i would say social media is a. Is it. Even though it’s not something that. Delivers in the short term over the long. Term it can be very. You know you you’d be very thankful. Looking back in three years time. If you’d posted to social media every. Day for that you know what’s instagram. Or whatever. Over those three years so um. So yeah all that to say it’s hard to. Really give you know i don’t think. There’s. Something where i can say oh you need to. Spend this amount of time on that and. Then this amount of time on that i think. It just depends on where you’re at. Um one thing i will be opening up again. Soon is. Proper consultation so if you are. Interested in having a one-on-one with. Me. Um usually i do like an hour session. Where i. Do some research on you you’d send me. Information about you and your business. And i’ll come back with a more of a. Personalized plan with some. Recommendations and stuff. So i will be opening that up again soon. So if you’re interested. Um in a private consultation drop me an. Email and i’ll i’ll put you on the list. There for when that opens up again. Hey run why redbubble site ban the. Account and how to recover it. Uh don’t know aeron you’d need to talk. To redbubble um. I’m not red bull teddy thank you i’ll. Look it up no problem. Lance a good way to find keywords is to. Look for related instagram hashtags. People use for your topic. It’s good advice sheila in addition to. Tags are there other places on redbubble. Where we should have keywords. Apart from the store description and bio. Um. Well obviously the title of the product. Is the big. Probably the most important place to. Have your keyword in. And in the description of your. Design as well and then in the tags so. Yeah those three places and i would. Repeat them. In all those places especially the the. Key keyword whatever that might be. So if your design is hawaiian pizza. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Um then you would put hawaiian pizza pun. In your title. In your description in your tags you. Want to make sure you repeat it so yeah. Um ron says i thought your email this. Week. Was spot on regarding not obsessing over. Keywords. But to focus on the design that will. Appeal to buyers thank you wrong yeah. Um thank you very much. Yeah i do think people tend to think. That keywords are some magic thing and. If they sprinkle the right ones they’ll. They’ll make sales but really keywords. Are just something that helps you get. Seen obviously that’s very important but. If your design is not strong and your. Concept isn’t good and if you don’t. Understand your customer. Then keywords are not going to help you. So yeah. Kathleen says i think merch is testing. To see what sells. So it can then sell it itself ooh. Conspiracy theories maybe but who knows. I don’t know yeah we don’t know what. Amazon’s thinking. Uh stan most amazon simply declined my. Application without explanation. Yeah sorry about that stan um sorry to. Hear that but i. Uh i can’t give you any explanation for. I’m not merged by amazon. Uh corey do you need a tax id for much. Balancing application first or can you. Get one later. Uh i can’t remember i think. Uh i don’t know go go and try and apply. And see if you need a tax idea i can’t. It’s been like five years since i signed. Up for much friends. Um sheila said one-on-ones are fantastic. Very worthwhile thank you sheila. Uh rory lichtenstein said he spent 80 of. The time on marketing and relationships. I think that’s. Certainly spending more time on uh you. Know thinking about your. Customer and how you’re going to get in. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Front of them is. A great idea versus just. Churning out your own stuff and your own. Designs the problem is. You know if you do that you get so. Internal. You’re just thinking about you know this. Is my idea i’m just going to design it. How i want to design it and. I’ve had this idea now we’re going to do. That instead of what do people want. What are they buying how can i get it to. Them how can i sell it to them. Which is probably the lion’s share of. You know the business when when it all. Boils down because. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of people. Who can design well there’s a lot of. People who are very good at. Making things look attractive there’s a. Lot of very good illustrators. There’s not that many people who are. Good at going out and getting something. In front of people and selling it. Successfully so. So yeah definitely uh worth spending. Time on that. Uh amsterdam said unlikely red bubble. Will ever tell you why you were. Suspended yeah i think. Unfortunately that is the case uh. Redbubble. Amazon etsy these are. Mega corporations well certainly. Amazon and etsy redbubble is still a. Massive you know. Company so you’re unlikely unfortunately. To get. Uh personal responses from them you can. Try. Um but yeah it’s just not. You know i think about the amount of. Copyright infringement and people trying. To. Cheat on unreadable or whatever amazon. Every single day. Um they simply can’t you know reply to. Everyone and explain why. They blocked your account for whatever. Reason so um. It’s not it’s not fun but there are. Other ways to. You know to sell stuff there’s shopify. There’s other websites there’s other. Things so if you get blocks from one. Channel. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell through. Another one so uh. So yeah okay um i think. We will wrap it up shortly we’ve gone. Over by eight minutes i thought we’d. Come under but. Your questions have flooded in um. Scott says i agree about the email tip. Thank you red banana green said they. Can’t. Gearbubble – ORIGINAL My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt They said you can’t describe texture. That may be. Deceptive or confusing like leather. Doesn’t mean you can’t use word. That word at all like as faux leather. Pattern or leather photo. Uh yeah i think if it was me i would. Still stay away from. Anything that implies leather in that. Sense if it was a pun. With the word leather you might be okay. With that but i would certainly stay. Away from anything that’s like. You know faux leather pattern that’s. Kind of the same problem you know that’s. Kind of what they’re trying to avoid. Um you know people will see people will. Search for leather. See a something that says leather even. If it’s faux leather. And then buy it and then complain to. Amazon that you know it wasn’t. Or whatever it was um so yeah. Uh hope that helps. Kenneth do redbubble need tax number to. Pay out. Um i don’t i don’t know i think there’s. Limits on they can pay out a certain. Amount before they need a tax id or. Something. But again it’s been so long that i’ve. Been signed up with regular that i. Wouldn’t know. Exactly what the process is now so um oh. Stan says no. So there you go thank you stan for. Chipping in there so we have an answer. Okay um all right i think we will wrap. It up there so unless there’s any last. Minute questions. Which are coming in as i speak ebb. Bbb did it did it. And we’ll cut it off there and uh yeah. I’ll talk to you next week uh do make. Sure you’re subscribed. Michaelas dot com forward slash live. Which is where i send out. Emails tips tricks and obviously you can. Get access to the five ways to improve. Your ideas ebook. Fonts for t-shirts resources pack idea. Files ebook. All kinds of other good stuff at. Michaelassic.com forward slash. Live thank you for joining me today hope. You got something out of it. Hope i helped you with your design if. You sent it in. And if you didn’t still hope you. Obviously got something out of it thank. You for your questions thanks for. Teechip – My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Contributing. And i will talk to you next week if not. Before. And so yeah thank you guys for joining. Me have a great rest of your thursday. And i’ll talk to you soon alright bye.

ORIGINAL I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt

Something funny and and. Witty and clever so try and come up with. Some puns and jokes and things. And work from that basis rather than. Just a simple generic message. Um and then design I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt wise yeah there’s. Just like these says here there’s a lot. Going on there’s um. There’s fireworks of various different. Colors there’s. The illustration which is a bit. Um non-descript in a way. And the the colors are kind of. Messed up and um for example this red. Uh isn’t matching with the red of the. Candle so we’ve got. Um you know just kind of washed out. Red colors and stuff so too many colors. I would say there’s too much going on in. Terms of the. The graphics and i would say the text is. Very. Generic both in the message but also in. The font and everything like that. So hope that helps okay. Um it’s hard podcasting about comedy. Everybody laughs at you. So um again if we can kind of separate. Concepts from. Design on this one concept wise. I think it’s difficult to. To do this is still kind of a generic. Kind of message like podcasting. Podcasting. About comedy that sounds to me like it. Would be a very small. Market to go after but let’s say that it. Is a small market but we know how to. Reach them or something so comedy. Podcasters. Um uh i don’t know. If that’s people who are doing a comedy. Podcast or people who are. Doing a podcast about comedy. That seems like it would be a much more. Niche group of people. Um but anyway it’s hard podcasting about. Comedy everybody laughs at you. So we kind of got a typical kind of. Setup and punchline. Joke and and design wise. You know it’s obviously kind of simple i. Don’t. Typically would stay away from um. Uh doing this kind of font. I would probably go for something that’s. More of a sans serif font. To keep it simple and make it easier to. To understand. But i think i think what’s really. Putting me off it is the the kind of. Setup it’s hard podcasting about comedy. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Um just because i i think that’s a. Difficult. It would be easier you know it’d be easy. To get it was something like. It’s hard being a comedian or it’s um. It’s hard writing comedy or something. Like that. And that would kind of make more sense. Um. But yeah i don’t really really know what. Else to say about it from concept point. Of view so. Um uh scott and lance are here to help. Me out. Um lance says on podcasting make message. Shorter maybe comedy is hard everybody. Laughs at you yeah that’s kind of what i. Was getting at i think just like the. Difficulty of. Being quite so specific with you with. Your. [music]. With your text it’s hard podcasting. About comedy. Um but again that could just be me. Saying i’m. You know i’m over thinking it. And there are people podcasting about. Comedy um. And maybe it would work for them maybe. It would appeal to them and i think yeah. In that case you know when we’ve got. When we’re dealing with perhaps very. Niche markets like super niche. Small markets like that um. The opinion of someone like me doesn’t. Really matter that much i can certainly. Help on the design side. But concept wise it’s going to be a lot. Easier to just get it out there in front. Of those people and. And get reactions to it so um. So yeah uh this area 51 one. Area 51 one um again i’m not. Really there’s not a lot to get your. Teeth into here this is just a. Area 51 um. Text with a spaceship and a. Alien face there’s no joke there’s no. Pun there’s no message there’s no. There’s no nothing like that so again. I’m just kind of struggling with why. Someone would want to wear it if you’re. Trying to do an area 51 design. Um you know you could do things like. Greetings from area 51 or i went to area. 51. And xyz or you know approaches like that. Um so yeah i think there’s just not a. Lot again to get my teeth into on that. One and kathleen says in podcasting no. One can hear you left that’s a good. A good point that could work um so yeah. I think i’d. Yeah on the podcasting one um. GearbubbleI Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Yeah obviously just we need lots of. Concepts anyway so just keep going at it. With lots of concepts and approaches. Okay um here’s our last. Selection of designs so i’ll take a sip. And we’ll get into these ones. So first off we got alpaca meal prep. As in an alpaca and some meal prep. Um i. Uh so my first thought with this one was. Does it need the busy. At the top um it’s quite easy to get the. The concept of the joke here um. Um obviously it’s a it’s an alpaca pun. Alpaca as in i’ll pack a. Um so yeah i just wondered whether the. Busy was necessary whether you could. Just go for alpaca meal prep. And see how it you know see how that. Pans out. And you would perhaps be able to. Lose a bit of text and give you a bit. More freedom in the design and the. Approach and stuff like that. And design wise you know i like it the. Simplicity of it. I like the you know the use of. The background of the shirt you know not. Not. Not having a color for the alpaca and. Stuff makes it. Look quite natural and organic and good. Um. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt I would say you could even um. Bring a bit more balance to the to the. Illustration. By moving the the hoof a little bit. Further in and if you kind of bring that. In so it’s kind of right under the. Alpaca or just slightly off to the side. And you can make it so that his ears. You know he can make his ears a bit. Bigger maybe or her is. Make the ears a bit bigger and then let. Me kind of show you what i’m thinking. Let me pull my haircut out. Two seconds. So um let me show my screen. So yeah your alpaca. Is like this just draw him out quick. And. You have got his hoof and the meal prep. Over here like this and what that means. Is you know if you’re looking at this. From a. From a balance approach like where it’s. Going to be on the canvas. Um you know you’ve got kind of dead. Space here. Because this is this needs to be here on. This side and otherwise you’re. You know you could do it the other way. Where. Oops where you keep your so that was. Keeping your alpaca in the middle. And then you could do it that way and. Then you kind of got you’re left with. The dead space over there so. To solve this problem and what i would. Recommend. Is take your. Alpacas hoof paw. And move it just kind of like here about. There. And then make his ears a bit bigger. Because you could get away with that. Because they got big ears anyway. And then what you’ve effectively done is. You’ve you’ve balanced the illustration. Out right so. Um this can be in the center of the. Shirt. And it’s going to look much more kind of. Cohesive. Because of that so then when you come to. Put your text around it. I’ll pack a. Meal prep you know we’ve got a nice. Cohesive design it’s not out of balance. We don’t have a load of. Dead space on one side that isn’t there. On the other side and i think that would. Tie it together a little bit um but yeah. A solid design solid idea and i think. That works. Very nicely okay. Some comments here. Uh so. Tiffela rose the alpaca design seems a. Little off balance yes. Um well spotted cali less words alpaca. On top. Shorter neck i agree with tiff the rose. Maybe balances a bit off yeah so it. Seems we’re all around the same. Uh the same thing here maybe alpaca. Lunch is more common than meal prep. Yeah i think it is but my interpretation. Of this was. Um that we’re doing you know. Alpaca bag alpaca milk alpaca. Whatever pack of lunch um are all kind. Of. Already done and this is a more of a. Meal prep specifically to. Fitness people or something like that so. That’s the interpretation i had on it. Uh cali says thanks michael scott says. Reminds me of seven minutes in purgatory. Okay talking about the podcasting one. Cali square works this design is. Specifically for women who weight lift. Or who. Lift so yeah i was on the i was on the. Right track there. Okay um no problem cali thank you for. Sending it in. And let’s move on to this one so i’ll. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I’m Not A Hoarder I’m A Hero Shirt Live you a lot. Um this is very nice uh solid. Pun which works and makes sense i think. Um. Perhaps obviously this doesn’t look like. A t-shirt design to me i mean if we. Compare this design here. To this one right here you can see which. One looks like. It’s been designed for a t-shirt and one. Which looks like. It’s perhaps just been created on the. Computer. Or you know um created digitally without. Much thought for. Where it’s going to end up um whoops. So um again that’s not necessarily a. Problem unless you’re trying. If you’re trying to sell t-shirts that. Is a problem um but you know this might. Work as a. Um you know phone case or something like. That a greetings card or something. And you have more flexibility there you. Can use you know. Unlimited colors on a greetings card or. On a phone case. In a way that you can’t really deal with. A t-shirt and still make it look. Nice so um concept twice solid. Illustration style and layout and colors. And stuff. Doesn’t work great for t-shirt design um. Could work as a greetings card if i’m. Gonna be really critical i would say. You know the style of the illustration. Is is pretty generic there’s not a lot. Of personality coming in there’s not a.

ORIGINAL Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books Shirt At Moteefe

Um so yeah um. [music]. Just bella says i agree though they’d. Make uh cute stickers as is. Yeah i mean unfortunately though you. Know words like q. And i think it’s cute and i think it’s. Nice we’re all subjective and what we. Really need to do is try and figure out. You know. Who what for example let’s say you. Created this monster design.
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Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books V Neck T Shirt At moteefe
Um how are you gonna how are you gonna. Title it how are you gonna keyword it. How are people going to find it it’s the. Biggest problem. It’s you know there’s lots of art in the. World created by people that’s very. Very attractive very cute very nice um. But people are they’re not selling it. And that’s really the missing piece of. The puzzle and that’s what we’re trying. To do is. How can we figure out how to sell this. Stuff or even better. How can we figure out you know markets. That already exist and just create work. For them create designs for them instead. Of. You know creating stuff and then trying. Desperately to. Get people to pay attention to it okay. Tq says that gives me what i need thank. You no problem. Uh d has just basically said what i just. Said monsters can be. Stickers but how can they be found who. Is the audience exactly um. And he says text is hard to read on the. One with the lady. Yeah it’s difficult on that one uh just. Fella the last one with the lady is very.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books T Shirt At Moteefe
Hard to read barely managed to translate. The bottom line. Yeah and nd is here hello to umd okay so. These were our first batch of designs. Let’s look at this. Batch here so this is kind of a mixed. Bag of a few different things but. Let me go through these and see what. Kind of advice i can offer first off. We’ve got space. Sheep so this is a cute illustration of. A sheep. With a space suit on. And um yeah. I’m struggling a bit with this one. Really because i’m not seeing a clear. A clear joke um or anything like that. There’s not much of a hook. Um i suppose you could say that you know. A sheep in space. Is is a hook in itself um. But i think there’s not yeah there’s not. Much. Going on to really commend this to. People. So i think you know let’s let’s ask our. Questions who is going to. To wear this well you could say well. Someone who likes sheep you know. Maybe it’s a farmer maybe it’s a sheep. Farmer or someone who just is into sheep. Uh maybe they would like this design. Well okay but. Um maybe they would. But there’s not like a clear joke though. There’s not.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books Sweater At Moteefe
Kind of a pun there’s nothing like that. Um so that’s what. Would really you know make this a bit. Stronger um if you could do a pun. Some kind of space sheepy pun or. Something and that would. That would make it more appealing in the. Short term um or you could even do. Something like. Um for example there was a. Probably still is this kind of trend of. Like uh animals dressed up. In spacesuits or something like that in. A kind of realistic style so like a. Portrait style. You know like a classic portrait or. Sketch or something. Um but yeah i think just just writing. Space sheep is is like down here. At the lowest kind of level of you know. Where you might go with this design. Um and i think if you can find a poem um. Or something. Then you can you could turn that into. Something that might be a bit more. Engaged. Um so he says sheep one would look would. Be funny if you said. Sheep space like play on deep space. Uh deep space sheep space maybe yeah. You’re thinking in the right direction. I’m not sure that’s the strong sheep. Space. Maybe yeah sheep space nine i don’t know. Something like that scott is here. Uh tiff la rose the grammar in the bye. Bye to each one throws it up. Yeah we’ll get to that one thank you. Tiffa um. Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books Shirt Thiago says i think that is a pun with. Spaceship. Oh you think it’s a pun already space. Sheep. Wow i did not get that thank you tiago. Um. I think i think you might be right that. Does make a bit more sense. Space sheep but it obviously didn’t make. Sense because it didn’t. Wasn’t obvious to me like that space. Sheep um.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books Hoodie At Moteefe
Okay in that sense um if that is the pun. I think we need to i don’t think it’s. That strong i think is. Perhaps the problem um yeah space sheep. Spaceship spaceship it’s probably just. Not strong enough and that’s why i. Didn’t get it that’s my excuse anyway. Um but yeah that’s my advice on that one. Okay don’t follow the herd. This one here we’ve got a cow in a kind. Of. Uh reminiscent of gary larsen style i. Thought with this one. So don’t follow the herd and the kind of. Punk rock. I don’t know alternative lifestyle cow. Here with. Uh with pierced. Nose ring and uh orange hair and stuff. So. I think um. You know this kind of design you know. Could work that kind of thing of sending. A message like that you know don’t. Follow the herd. That’s that’s the thing you know that’s. Good um i think. Probably more on the design side is. Where i’d have some concerns. I don’t think this kind of layout works. Great for a t-shirt like. You’re not making the best use of the. Canvas and i would. You know move the illustration probably. Above the text. I would uh i’d probably you know follow. My typical circular layout. With it with a phrase like that don’t. Follow across the top. The herd at the bottom um with your cow. In the middle. And um as far as the the illustration. Goes i think it’s a little bit difficult. You know at first glance to immediately. Get it i think the style of illustration. Doesn’t necessarily lend itself to. You know getting hold of the message of. The design so i understand. That obviously we have different styles. Of illustration and stuff but. I think that concept of you know don’t. Follow the herd. And maybe doing like a punk rocky cow or. Something. Might be better served in a different. Illustration style maybe. Even more of a like realistic style or. Something like that.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books longsleeve at moteefe
Um but yeah i think with a few even just. With a few basic. Layout changes that could be made to be. To be a stronger. Stronger looking design um so yeah okay. Bye bye teach hello beach. Um so tiff said um the grammar in the. Bye bye teach one throws it off a little. Yes. I did i agree with that um. Yeah bye-bye teach doesn’t really make. Sense um and. Scott has jumped on um what i was going. To say actually yeah i think i had the. Same idea. Bye-bye teaching hello beaching i think. Works works better. Now of course that that’s not. Grammatically correct but it’s. Grammatically incorrect in a funny way. That makes sense and still kind of. You know rolls off the tongue and stuff. And so yeah that. On the tech side that that’s definitely.
Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Reads Many Books
An improvement i would go with. And we could brainstorm some others as. Well like you know. Um uh teacher or. Teacher versus beecher or um. Yeah i don’t know but i think if you. Spend a bit more time on that you can. Probably brainstorm some others but yeah. Teaching and beaching i think is a. Is a strong stronger concept um in terms. Of design. I think obviously we’ve got the kind of. What would you call that retro sunset. Thing going on but it’s not. Really carried through to the rest of. The design and i think even with a few. Um you know just just font choices that. Work a bit better that are more. Uh vintage beach surf style t-shirt. Design. Um you know a couple of palm trees in. The background. Um and the font choice which is more. That kind of vibe um then i think it. Could be. It could be you know completed and be a. Much more coherent. Design um if you did a few things like. That so. So yeah i hope that helps with that one. Um. Happy fourth america and i i guess this. Is a. Is it a firework kind of put off by the. Illustration and what’s going on is it. It could be a cupcake is it a firework. In a cupcake or is that what fireworks. Look like. In america i don’t know but. Um i think we have some issues here. Definitely on the. Well first on the concept side um you. Know a happy fourth of july. Design obviously that’s a very popular. Uh holiday to design t-shirts for. And lots of people are doing stuff like. That and i think there’s not a lot in. This concept you know writing out happy. Fourth america. Unless i’m missing something please let. Me know in the comments if i am. Um unless i’m missing something this is. A. Uh this is the you know it’s a very. Generic message it’s like writing happy. Christmas or merry christmas. Or um happy father’s day on a t-shirt. Like that’s. That’s the message of the text right so. There’s that’s you know there’s not a. Lot. To commend that you know why would i. Want to buy this t-shirt as opposed to a. Pun on. Uh george washington or something like. That or you know drinking like lincoln. Or. All those kind of puns that are going. Around at this time or. Things like um. What do they call it like the original. Brexit or whatever you know things like. That. Um plays on independence day so so yeah. Concept. Wise i think it’s that message is way. Too generic. To really make much of a dent and i. Think you should. Grow a few steps back and think okay if. I’m if i’m going to a. You know fourth of july party what kind. Of design would i want to wear. I’m probably going to want to wear.
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That we can build a solid business. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe But that doesn’t ever you know it’s not. Like you’ll ever come up with one idea. And then you won’t have to work again. And you know we’re always constantly. Trying to come up with new stuff so. Just wanted to um to lay that out there. Those principles sheila said um. You are super nice with feedback but. Also clear and focused thank you sheila. Uh dee says the weather has been awesome. Lately cool oh i think she’s talking to. Mike who’s. Her neighbor uh which is cool um stan. From south africa is here. Okay let’s uh let’s get into it today.
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The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe
Then so i’ve broken the designs down. Into. Three main groups these are um. Number one designs which i didn’t really. Have anything to. Latch on to um a second group. Of designs where there’s. It’s a bit easier to see what you’re. Trying to do but you haven’t really. Nailed it. And then the third group which is. Designs which are almost there and i can. Just give you a few. Tips and tricks to help you along the. Way so let’s dive into it. Um right away oh first off have this. No i’ll tell you what we’ll come back to. That one let’s take a look at some of. These designs so we can get started here. So i’ll just take a sip. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe And of course if you want to ask. Questions or you know. Whatever you want to contribute the live. Chat box is there for you to do so. Okay these designs that you can see on. Your screen let me make these a bit. Bigger. These are designs which i couldn’t. Really i don’t feel like an often which. Help on um besides to say that. You know i’m not i’m just not getting. What’s uh going on with most of them so. Um let’s just take a quick look this one. Here says we are all. Colored and it’s some colored faces. In a kind of looks like you know the.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep T Shirt At Moteefe
Magnets that you get on the fridge or. Something like that. Um i’m just not you know. Sure exactly what’s going on what the. What the message is supposed to be if. There is a. Clear message and um i don’t know why. It’s on a white background. I i’m just really struggling so a lot of. These designs are like that i’m just. Struggling to. To really understand what’s going on and. I think. If i can give up by if your design is on. This page um. You know sorry i don’t know everyone’s. Name or anything like that but. If you see your design here um the best. Advice i could give you is to revisit. Um the three core principles i think. These are outlined in my. Free ebook the five ways to improve your. Design ideas right away. You can get that at michaelissic.com. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe Live. Um but the three principles the three. Questions are these who. Is going to wear this why would they. Want to wear it and how are they going. To find it. Who is going to wear it why would they. Want. To wear it that’s a different question. And how are they going to find it. And i think for these designs that. People have sent. In um that there’s very little. Answers to those questions that are. Obvious to me you might have. Some answers in your head it’s not clear. To me. What those answers would be so who’s. Going to wear this i don’t know. Why would they want to wear it i think. There’s an attempt being made at some. Kind of message. Um here but i’m not really getting it. And. How are they going to find it again very. Very difficult to answer that one.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Hoodie At Moteefe
Uh this one here we’ve got some monsters. Looks like someone’s drawn some monsters. And. Um and that’s all well and good but. Again this is not what i would call a. Design this is just a. Um kind of you know it looks to me like. A random illustration. Uh there is no concept here there’s no. There’s no message there’s nothing tying. It together. Um another buzzword here might be hook. There’s no hook. There’s nothing to really grab it now of. Course you could say. Oh what do you mean michael there’s. Loads of you know cute monster designs. That are sold. Every day you know if i go to the local. Target or walmart or whatever i’ll see. Lots of cute monsters and they sell on. Products. And that’s absolutely true but unless. You have a. Direct line into target or walmart and. Stuff like that um then i don’t see how. You’re really going to sell these. Designs through organic. Platforms so if you’re trying to sell on. Etsy or you’re trying to sell on seagull. Dick or redbubble. Then you’re going to need to probably. You’re going to need to do more than. Just. You know illustrate some nice cute. Monsters cute as they may be. And um personally i think there’s not a. Lot of. You know there’s not a lot to get our. Teeth into here so there’s not a lot of. Advice i can give. And except that what tends to sell on. You know t-shirts on redbubble on t. Public or merch by amazon. Our t-shirt designs are coherent designs. Those are usually some form of message. Some joke some pun something like that. Um and. And that is not this um so. Uh it’s all about the algorithms again. And i’m not sure what the. What the message is here what’s going on. I don’t know who would want to wear it. And i don’t know why they would really. Want to wear it you know it’s difficult. For me to under. Maybe it’s an in-joke or something i’m. Not getting um and again. It doesn’t really look like a t-shirt. Designed to me it looks more like a. You know maybe a canvas print or. Something um but i’m just. Not it’s not clicking for me it’s not. You know it’s not certainly not obvious. And i think a lot of t-shirt designs uh.
The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Sweater At Moteefe
One of the biggest principles behind. Successful t-shirt design. Is simplicity and really nailing it um. You know so that people get what you’re. Trying to do. Um here we’ve got an alien looks like a. Pencil sketch. Um by the way i usually i tend to. Review as though i’m you know reviewing. T-shirt designs which is my. My area of expertise of course print on. Demand sites and selling on etsy and. Stuff you don’t have to sell t-shirts. You can sell. You know phone cases and canvas prints. And all kinds of things so. Um you know my criticisms may be a. Little bit. You know you’re like oh well i didn’t. Really create it for a t-shirt but i’m. Kind of. Reviewing it as though it was so um so. Bear that in mind okay this alien. Um he loves to fly raptor again. Just not getting it i get that a raptor. Is a plane of some kind but i don’t. Understand what the. What the message is if there’s a joke. There or or what it’s just not clear at. All. Um and then this one um. Is a design i think related to mental. Health and those kind of things. But again this is not at all clear who. Would want to wear it. And why they would want to wear it and. Um. And design-wise a lot of the times if. You can nail the. Who who would want to wear the thing and. Why they might want to wear it. The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt At Moteefe Then the design should should really be. A case of just making something that. Looks attractive on on the shirts and. Actually takes that message. And presents it in an attractive way um. And and you know some of these designs. Do better than others on the kind of. Attractive front um. But this one i think is kind of failing. On all. On all levels you know it’s difficult to. Understand who would want to wear it. Why they want to wear it how they’re. Going to find it and it’s not. Aesthetically pleasing. Either so um so yeah if your designs on. This page hope that advice helps you i. Didn’t want to sometimes i skip over. Designs like this. You know i just don’t comment on them or. I just you know feel i don’t have. Anything to say so i don’t comment. But i thought this week at least i would. ORIGINAL The Muppet Show Beaker Meepers Gonna Meep Shirt some of them and at least maybe if. These are your designs you’re getting. Some help. And i would just reiterate those key. Points who is going to wear it. Why would they want to wear it how are. They going to find it. If you can answer those questions i. Believe you will produce better designs. And if you can take that advice on board. Maybe for next time. I do a design review order whatever i. Think you’ll. You’ll be producing designs that are. Better than these that we see on the. Screen here okay some comments. That we have on those well i’ve been. Doing that. Okay uh david tq says lol miners in this. Group. No problem well hopefully it has helped. You anyway d says maybe it’s for a kid. Um it may well be um hi from hong kong. Says tiff tiffela rose uh just bella. Says the monsters are cute. He says the monster one needs to have. Funny text like a pun. Yeah it needs it definitely needs. Something um i mean. On the other hand like i feel like i’m. Um maybe overemphasizing one side but. Like of course. Like i said you know there are art. Licensing brands and if you’re doing. Licensing or you’re trying to for. Example license you’re out to. Someone like target or walmart or. Something like that. Then of course things like pattern. Design things like. You know just attractive illustrations. Without jokes without you know. Puns or anything like that and that’s. That’s. A that’s a business model that is. Absolutely something that people make. You know make a livelihood from and do. Very well. At that um but. That’s not you know it’s not an easy. Thing to kind of get into. In the same way that print on demand and. Red bubble and stuff is so.
See More At Teechip: https://teechip.com/stores/the-muppet-show-beaker-meepers-gonna-meep-shirt

ORIGINAL Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt

One two hello everybody welcome to the Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt Live stream today it’s 3 p.m uk time. Time for a design review session today. That’s what we’re going to do so. I’ll be doing good if you can let me. Know where you’re watching from that. Would be cool. I’m gonna just start my slides here. Um. Two seconds so yeah i think who we got. Here we got uh. Nomadic blue was first in the comments.
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ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt
And i think kathleen is here. Hello to you kathleen from nyc. Raymond is here from baltimore. And pond and beyond logging in early. Uh great elephant club says mask mandate. Finally lifted in ohio. On the 2nd of june cool um. Still feels like it’s a way away but i. Guess it’s not that far away isn’t it. Array from a rainy macclesfield um. Just down the road is it rainy. I’ve got a cycle home so it’s not too. Rainy um. Hello to you ray i’m just getting my. Slides up here. Two seconds here we go here we go it’s. Been a while since we did a design. Review session so. Uh this will be interesting bo says. Hello. From ohio also from ohio sheila from. Toronto is here swear works from sedona. Sedona lance from tallahassee florida. Cali from jacksonville kev from. Nottingham. Teddy from el paso anna from puerto rico. Just bella from north carolina mike from. Texas matthew from. New york wonderful thank you for joining. Me today guys this is going to be a. Design. Review session i’ll just share my screen. With you. Um a big high from algeria says. Chalky graphics cool so yeah today we. Are going to do. A review we’ve got some designs that. Some of you have sent in thank you for. That. Um i am i know i set up. I had my teleprompter thing set up last. Time with my ipad. Obviously i can’t i was using my ipad. Like a teleprompter. So in order to be able to do some. Scribbling on this. Session today i’ve had to unplug it so i. Can’t look straight i mean i can look. Straight at the camera but my screen is. Over here so. Um which might be okay because i was.
ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots T Shirt
Watching i think it was the last week’s. Live stream. It looks a bit wooden just staring. Straight into the camera all the time so. Uh maybe this i don’t know maybe this is. A bit more natural. With my eyes kind of shifting slightly. To the left all the time anyway tq from. Vegas. Is here too wonderful so ipad is plugged. In we’ve got some reviews we’ve got some. Designs to look through so we’ll get. Into that shortly. If you are watching please do like and. Subscribe if you haven’t already if. You’re new to. The youtube channel or something like. That it’d be great to have you. Uh as a subscriber and also. Ask questions as we go so we’ll be. Talking about. Uh t-shirt design we’ll be looking at. Some designs if you have questions about. T-shirt design or anything else that. You’d like to ask my opinion on. Um i’m here for about an hour so we’ll. Uh we’ll be going through that. You can you can ask anything you can.
ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Sweater
Interrupt me and i’ll leave some time at. The end. For questions as well hitchhim says. Michael essex ultimate star ticket 50. Off is it available uh yes picture it’s. Available this. Week um if you had an email about it. Which is. The only way you would know about it. Then yes uh expires on saturday so click. The link. In your email and you’ll you’ll be able. To see more about that jennifer says hi. Guys from la hello to you jennifer. So yes as i was saying ask questions as. We go. And um join my mailing list if you. Haven’t already my classic dot com. Forward slash live. Which you can see up there open that. Corner michaels.com forward slash live. You can get. My free ebook five ways to improve your. Design ideas. There’s what else is that there’s a. Special pack about helping you. Uh find the right fonts for t-shirt. Designs so ideal t-shirt fonts. Uh there’s the ideas files ebook so. There’s like a load of goodies which are. Available just. Over the line once you’re subscribed at. My classic dot com forward slash live. All free of course. And of course you’ll be getting free. Emails from me tips and tricks every. Tuesday and usually a roundup email. Every friday. So subscribe at my classic dot com. Forward slash live for free if you. Haven’t already. Uh we had to edit mulberry mubarak to. You to riyadh.
ORIGINAL Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Hoodie
And for all those celebrating rick good. Morning from tallahassee florida. Good morning to you rick i hope it’s. Nice there. Um so before we get into it is this for. You if you’re. Someone something on red bull or merch. By amazon or t public if you’re a. Designer trying to. Make money from your artwork and trying. To sell designs on. Platforms like this organic search based. Platforms. Or you’re doing stuff for maybe sites. Like t fury or threadless maybe more. Curated sites or you’re trying to you. Know maybe. License your art to stores like hot. Topic or expenses and. Places like that and then this is. Probably for you so. Anyone who’s doing organic prints on. Demand maybe something on etsy or amazon. If you have your own shopify store if. You have your own instagram he’s trying. To come up with content and new designs ORIGINAL Tequila It’s Cool I’ve Had Both My Shots Shirt Funny ideas all the time. Or you’re trying to build an art. Licensing brand as well that’s. My crowd that’s who i’m trying to help. In these sessions so. Um if that’s you stick around uh zen. Zenobi here from south africa. Hello to you president i hope i’m. Pronouncing zen. Zenobia zenobia that seems more like it. Uh d says austin in the house hello to. You d. So if you sent a design in i think. We’ll probably cover almost all the. Designs that got sent in. Um overnight so if you don’t know what. This is every couple of weeks or so i. Would. Usually do a design review session which. Is what we’re doing today. So i send an email out to my email list. The day before and say if you have a. Design you’d like me to review please. Send it in. And then i select designs from those. Replies. And then i review them in in this. Session today so if you’re on my email. List you’ll be able to. Receive that email and to get your. Designs reviewed so. If you’re if you didn’t get that email. You need to subscribe my classic dot com. Forward slash live and then. You’ll be able to get a design reviewed. In the next session maybe so. That’s how it works schroder from. Milwaukee wisconsin. Hadi says she’s too afraid to send in a. Design i don’t think he should be deep. There’s nothing to be afraid of and i. Don’t bite. But i will try and be as helpful as i. Can without being too. You know um too harsh i don’t think i’m. Harsh. I think i’m probably overly nice most of. The time. Um okay let’s uh should we get into it. Today i see. No reason why not um i have oh yeah i. Just wanted to. I had a few principles just to kind of. Set the scene for us today so. Um first off this is obviously this is. Advice only don’t take this as somehow. Definitive um i may not get. Some of these ideas and designs you may. Be targeting a crowd that i have no. Knowledge of it may be an in-joke that. I’m not aware of so. This is just my opinion based on the. Designs that people have sent in. Don’t take it as oh my gosh michael. Didn’t like it therefore it’s never. Gonna sell that’s really not the case. And there’s a lot of designs where i’ve. You know been critical of or whatever. And they. They sell anyway um you know art. Is well art is art but there’s um. You know there’s there’s a selling of. Art which is part science and part. Art you know there’s the creative side. And then there’s. You know the more what you call it. Tangible side of supply and demand and. Creating things for certain audiences. And things like that. So um so yeah this is advice only and. It’s not uh you know and it’s my opinion. Not what necessarily will or won’t work. For you. There is no perfect design there is no. Formula there’s no you know take this. Box for success there is no such thing. As. I’ve had an idea if i do this this this. And this. It will definitely sell this is all you. Know. We’re in a creative kind of industry in. A creative space. And some things work and some things. Don’t and. Really there’s this volume thing behind. Everything so. There is no design that’s gonna you know. Magically make you. A millionaire overnight or anything like. That um. But there are principles there are. Principles for success there are. Principles we can apply. And that’s kind of what i am you know. Covering these sessions. So success whatever that means for you. What it means for me. And i think for a lot of us um requires. Lots of good design so if you want to. Make a reliable income from your. T-shirt designs if you want to make you. Know six figures a year or more. You’re going to need to have a lot of. Good designs you’re going to need to. Have them on a lot of different. Platforms and channels probably or at. Least a few different platforms and. Channels. And they need to be good designs so. We’re going to look at individual. Designs. But obviously no one of these individual. Designs is going to make you. You know tens of thousands of dollars. Certainly not within a short space of. Time. So what we’re trying to do is improve. Our hit rate so that we can come up with. And generate better and better ideas so.
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Official In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new my name is Alex. Costa and one of the questions that I. Get the most on teechip Instagram and Snapchat is how do I dress well on a. Budget because not everyone has the. Money to go spend on high-end luxury. Brands right all you have to do is. Follow a few tips to make sure that you. Can pull off wearing casual outfits and. Before I start I just want to thank. Today’s video sponsor 5 for club pretty. Much everything you see me wearing in. Its look book will be available on their. Website at 5:00 for Teechip.com so far for. Club is a service that sends you awesome. Clothes that are on trend and on season. On a monthly basis for $60 a month but. If you’re using the code teechip you’re. Actually getting your first month’s. Package for only 29 bucks which is. Awesome and they also sell individual. Items like this Chelsea boots for. Example and a lot more which i’ll be. Showing throughout the store and being a. Member of the club allows you to get 25%. Off plus free shipping alright guys so. Let’s get started here with the very. Basics In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt and jeans what we try to. Do here is find an easy outfit that you. Can wear every single day but at the. Same time will make you feel comfortable. And confident in what you’re wearing. Every guy should have this in their. Closets it is the definition of casual. Clothing but there are a few simple. Steps that you can take to make this. Outfit a lot better than it currently is. For example try to wear shoes that stand. Out if there’s nothing special about the. T-shirt and the jeans that you’re. Rocking which is usually the case. Because it’s just the t-shirt and jeans. Then get some shoes that will grab.
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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt
People’s attentions and add some flavor. To your outfit it doesn’t have to be. Anything crazy. It doesn’t have to be anything super. Colorful but I’d say go for something a. Little different like the easier from. New Republic wearing cool Chelsea boots. Is another way of upgrading your t-shirt. In jeans game you guys know I love. Chelsea boots the ones that I’m wearing. Right here are also from New Republic. And if you’re a five-four member you get. 25% off these right here plus free. Shipping so if you’ve been wanting to. Get chelsea boots this might be the time. To pull the trigger again there is. Nothing wrong with wearing plain shoes. Or sneakers here but if you want to. Spice things up a little bit and if you. Want to be a little different then. Definitely go with something more. Eye-catching. Adding accessories to your outfit is. Another easy and affordable way to. Change the t-shirt and jeans. You can go for something really simple. Like this year or get a watch if you. Feel like you want something that will. Stand out a little more and basically. What we’re doing here is adding more. Dimensions to the outfit to make it more. Interesting right sunglasses are a great. Example as well they add style. Personality in a little bit of. Interesting mystery to the mix these are. Actually from Achanta and if you’re into. Them and a 5-4 member you also get a. Discount on these they even have. Athletic gear so if you’re into working. Out you’re gonna be offset with a. Membership from the 5-4 Club I’m gonna. Leave a link to the website and my. Discount code in the description box. Right below the video something you guys. Have probably noticed at this point that. I really like doing to my t-shirts is. Rolling up the sleeves just a little bit. I basically do this when I’m trying to. Go for a more fitted look or when I feel. Like my outfit is just a little too. Simple and it needs a quick upgrade and. I do it because it doesn’t cost anything. You can do it to almost any t-shirt and. Occasion it makes the t-shirt look. Pretty damn cool now outside of the. Actual clothes you’re wearing there are. Two main things that will completely. Change the way you look wearing a casual. Outfit first being in shape because the. Reality is for clothes to fit you really. Well you need to be in decent shape and. I don’t mean you need to be a. Bodybuilder or an athlete just good. Enough shape so that you can fit into a. Form-fitting In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt and jeans and feel. Confident in the way that you look not. Only that but being in good shape will.
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Hoodie
Also change your posture which will. Definitely completely change the way. That you look and clothes remember that. What you eat plays the biggest role in. This so if you haven’t started yet just. Take note of your diet what are you. Eating every day should you change your. Diet slightly to change the way that you. Look and the way that you fit into. Clothes and of course try to be active. You know play sports if you’re into them. Or go to the gym and exercise to get. Into shape I like going to the gym I. Like taking classes if you follow me on. Instagram you see that I do that all the. Time it makes me feel healthier and it. Helps my case when I try on new clothes. It just makes me feel way more confident. In the way that I look and the second. Thing that will change the way you look. Is your grooming routine. You should always trim or shave your. Beard just to make sure that it’s. Contained and it’s not growing all wild. And if you have a long beard that’s. Totally fine if you think it looks good. On you if you like it totally fine. Just get some beard oil you know. Moisturize it take good care of it and. Trim it once in a while to keep it nice. And neat get a haircut so you don’t look. Disheveled because if your hair is crazy. It’s gonna make it that much harder to. Pull off a basic outfit because that’s. All people are going to see and if you. Want to learn more about grooming and. Men’s hair style didn’t you should. Definitely check out my other videos. Where I go more in depth into each of.
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Sweatshirt
Those remember guys what we’re trying to. Accomplish here is an easy outfit that. You can wear every day but at the same. Time will make you feel comfortable and. Confident in what you’re wearing alright. Guys don’t forget to go check out five. Four teechip.com and then use my code for a. Special discount and of course to hit. That subscribe button right down here to. Become part of the teechip family thank. You guys so much who have subscribed who. Have turned on the notifications ICU. Notification squad you guys are killing. It lately on teechip on Instagram you. Guys are super fast so I really. Appreciate it thank you guys so much for. Watching and i’ll see you again soon. Peace.

Official Busch Light It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt

Hey guys today I’m going to be showing. You how to make this Father’s Day T-shirt and specifically teaching you. How to mix t shirt and jeans short.  So the supplies you’re going to need for. This are a Cricut machine you’ll also. Want the SVG cut files or any cut files. Of your choice the ones I’m using here. Are completely free and they are linked. Below in this Store description I have a. Lot of different combinations for. Fathers daughters and fathers and sons. You’ll also need heat transfer vinyl and. Your choice colors you’ll need an EZ. Press or an iron a t-shirt you will also. Need some weeding tools and potentially. A bright pad if you want to work with. That as well but first I’m going to. Detour and I’m going to show you what. You need to do in the back end in Cricut. Busch Light It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt space hey everybody today we’re. Going to be working on this Father’s Day. Project and the purpose of this is i’m. Going to be showing you a tutorial on. How to layer your heat transfer vinyl so. Obviously vinyl is one of the most. Beloved things to do with the Cricut. Machine whether it be adhesive vinyl or. Heat transfer vinyl but one of the. Common questions with heat transfer. Vinyl is how do you layer more than one. Color together but how do you accomplish. That correctly without ruining the. Design and making sure it looks flawless. On your canvas today I’m going to be. Doing this on a t-shirt and this is sort. Of based around a Father’s Day theme and. I have all of these cut files here with. These different combinations and these. Are all completely free on the blog and. I’ve linked that below this video if. You’re interested in downloading them. For yourself so the one I’m gonna be.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Shirt
Buy Here: Busch Light It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt
Working with personally is a son’s first. Hero and a daughter’s first love because. I have a son and a daughter but if you. Have you know two boys or two girls or. One boy or one girl there’s some. Different combinations there as well for. You to work with so I’m just gonna go. Ahead and get the rest of these off my. Canvas here before we continue alright. And I had this one here so we want to. Think about the size that we’re gonna. Scale it to on our t-shirt or whatever. It is that you might be placing yours on. You want to measure your shirt so on. This is going to vary for everybody. Because some people are gonna wear. Largest extra larges smalls everybody’s. Size is gonna be different and your. Preference on how big you want the. Actual logo and design to be so in my. Case I’m going to want the design to. Probably be about 9 inches across 9. Inches wide so I’m gonna scale that i’ve. Already measured my my clothes and i’m. Thinking whoops I’m thinking about 9 9. To 10 inches is gonna be appropriate i’m.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure T Shirt
Gonna be putting this on the back of a. Shirt rather than a front because I want. The design to be a little bit bigger and. I just feel with the lettering and. Everything that putting it on the back. Of a t-shirt is gonna look a little bit. Better so that’s just my personal. Preference here and then we have three. Different color options inside of this. So if I were to select just like the. Words here and let’s say we’re gonna be. Putting those on in maybe white let’s. See I don’t know what colors i’m. Actually gonna do at this point but no I. Think actually gonna keep it black yeah. I’m gonna keep it black but I think the. Part for dad that’s orange right now i’m. Gonna change that to a navy and then I. Think I’m gonna leave the silhouettes of. The kids white so I think this is. Probably how I’m gonna put it on the. Back of my t-shirt something like this. In these colors so you can go ahead and. Play around with kind of getting a.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Sweatshirt
Visual for your colors as well in that. In that color swatch area here inside a. Design space and then just make sure of. Course that you have scaled it. Appropriately in size and if for any. Reason you have ungrouped or unlocked. Any of these letters or anything make. Sure that you have welded them back. Together the design file should already. Have them welded for you so you. Shouldn’t have to do anything but you. Want to make sure that they are gonna. Stay in place and they’re not cutting. Out individual letters so that you have. To place them individually cuz that.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Hoodie
Would be really frustrating. So at this point I’m just gonna go ahead. And go to my cut screen I’m gonna go to. Make it screen and it’s of course going. To divide that project by color so we’re. Gonna have looks like our white here. First then our black and then the blue. And very very important you want to make. Sure every time you do something with. Heat transfer vinyl that you are. Mirroring the images if you do not near. The images they will appear backwards on. Your t-shirt so that’s very important. Especially when working with text so. Right here where it says mirror make. Sure that you just toggle that on so. That it’s green and you need to do this. For each Matt so select the text Matt. Here and toggle that on so that it. Reverses it and it is mirrored go to the. Blue map that I have here and I’m going. To toggle that on so that reverses it as. Well and then we can just select the. White one again and go ahead and hit. Continue and then you’ll select your. Material your I’m sorry your yeah your. Material of choice for vinyl i’m. Depending on what type of vinyl you’re. Using I’m gonna stay for a lot of years. Sweet using a basic vinyl so just stick. With the basic vinyl setting if you’re. Using the maker you’ll it you know. Select that under custom if you’re using. The Explorer you can use the dial on the. Top of your machine so that’s the back. End work that I just wanted to note. There when setting up your cut screens. For Cricut and I’m gonna jump forward. Here in just a second you know we’re. Going to go ahead and put the project. Together I’m gonna show you how to layer. The heat transfer vinyl. Alright so my Cricut here is all set up. And I’m just gonna go ahead and start. Cutting my heat transfer vinyl when. You’re cutting your heat transfer vinyl. Make sure that the shiny side is down. You always want the plastic side to be. Against the sticky side of the mat so. That it cuts correctly for you and once. I get this cut out I’m just going to. Weed I’m just gonna give you a couple. Short clips here of me weeding I like to. Use the Cricut brite pad this is not. 100% necessary to make weeding happen it. Is just a tool that I like to use you. Can find them on Cricut if you’re. Interested in having the brite pad as. Well it can just make it a little bit.
Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure Tank Top Busch Light It's Not A Dad Bod It's A Father Figure V Neck T Shirt
Easier to see your your weeding lines. When you when you’re doing your projects. If you don’t have this you could always. Hold your vinyl up to a bright lit. Window as well and that. Kind of act as a kind of handmade sort. Of bright pad and that can help you as. Well see your lines a little better when. You’re weeding out your your vinyl here. So just make sure you’re removing all. That excess vinyl that we don’t want on. Our design take your time with it and go. Slow and use those meeting tools to get. All those little pieces out as well so. I’m just going to speed this up here for. A minute and then we’re gonna move. Forward to setting up our ez press, okay so I have all of my pieces needed. There were three colors that I used here. And this piece here has the letters that. Were all cut out in one color so i’m. Actually just gonna trim these apart. Because I want them to be a little bit. Further spaced so I’m just gonna grab my. Scissors real quick and I’m just gonna. Trim those two phrases apart from each. Other so I can place them exactly where. I want onto my t-shirt canvas so once. You get all that done just trim those. And then set that aside now I’m using my. Ez press here you can use an iron if you. Want to and you don’t have this that’s. Perfectly fine if you’re using the easi. Press go ahead and set it to 315 and. Then set it to 30 seconds for the time. That it will count down per hold that. You’re doing on your design and it will. Take a couple seconds to heat up here. Some lines only at 65 degrees right now. And it’s gonna jump up and we’re just. Gonna wait until it gets to 3:15 and it. Sets itself exactly where it needs to be. Temperature-wise before we start ironing. On our project here okay so the key with. Layering your heat transfer vinyl is. Always start with the largest design. First and that’s pretty obvious but I. Want to make sure that it’s a hundred. Percent clear the largest design no. Matter what type of project you’re doing. No matter what file you’re using. Whichever layer is the largest needs to. Get placed on the design of first and. You’ll see why as we move forward in. This project. I’m just getting my t-shirt laid out. Here over my easy pressed mat so there’s. A heat resistance surface underneath it. And it’s safe and then I’m just going to. Start I’m just going to kind of eyeball. It initially where I want to place it. And then I’m going to use my measuring. Tape to kind of make sure that it’s in a. Good centered and even straight looking. Placement here, okay so I just kind of eyeballed. Initially and go kind of in the center.Here and I just place it and then i’m. Gonna grab my measuring tape and i’m. Going to measure it from each side to. Make sure it’s kind of at an equal. Distance in the center and so I’m just. Using like a flexible sewing measuring. Tape here and I’m just measuring it and. It’s just a little bit over five inches. On the one side but it’s a little too. Close to the six inch mark on the other. Side so I’m actually just going to move. Pick it up and move it over about a half. An inch just to make sure it’s a little. Bit more centered and then I’m going to. Check that one more time. That’s just how I personally do it to. Get make sure that my my designs are. Evenly placed into the center of my. Shirt whether that be for the front of. The shirt or the back of the shirt like. I’m doing here and my heat press is all. Ready to go here and so the next step is. Going to be to start the countdown and I. Just click that cricket emblem button. And I sort of rock the iron back and. Forth over it and this design is a. Little bit large for my medium size easy. Press here so I’m doing half of the. Design at one time and then I’m going to. Repeat on the other half the design here. And this is more effective than trying. To run the design back and forth over. The entire or I’m sorry run the easy. Press back and forth over the entire. Design it’s better to work on whatever. Portion of design the easy press covers. First and then repeat on the portion. That it does not just it’s more. Effective with getting that iron-on to. Adhere properly so I did that first side. There now I’m just moving it over a. Little bit here and I’m gonna get that. Other side here real quick, and now the next step is to carefully. Peel that plastic off now if it’s not. Sticking then make sure you lay it back. Down and you do another round with your. Iron or your ez press it’s very. Important that it is sticking on its own. It doesn’t have to be like 100%. Perfectly sticking you just want to make. Sure that it’s not coming off when. You’re lifting that plastic make sure. You save that large piece of plastic. That you just peeled off do not get rid. Of it set it aside we’re gonna use it. Just a second here. So the next part here is for us to layer. The next piece on and that would be the. Silhouettes of the kids here in my. Example and so I’m just going to get. Those placed here of course they’re. Gonna have that that plastic backing to. And that’s exactly what we want so don’t. Worry about taking that off it needs to. Stay exactly where it is and then like I. Said make sure you don’t throw away that. Large plastic piece from the initial. Piece of design we just laid down with. The dad on it because we’re gonna use. That in just a second here now I’m gonna. Grab that plastic piece that you needed. To keep and place the entire thing back. Over the whole design the reason we’re. Doing this is because if you don’t and. You were to try and place your ez press. Or an iron over it you would ruin the. Design that we’d already placed the the. 2ds with the dad in the middle that we. Placed initially that would get ruined. Because of the heat it has to have a. Barrier like the plastic or cloth in. Order to get that to iron on without. Ruining the existing vinyl that we. Already had in our first layer so very. Important that you save that piece of. Plastic and there’s two layers of. Plastic over the small design that we. Just placed at the kid but that still. Will allow us to get the heat that we. Need and we’ll just peel each layer up. Here so I’m gonna peel up first that. Large layer that was protecting that. First layer design there and a navy. Layer and peel. They’ll probably stick together so mind. Just peel up at the same time and that’s. Perfectly fine. Just make sure again that the next layer. Is sticking okay and again save that. Large piece because we’re going to need. It one more time. I’m going to then place my words here. For this design and the words obviously. Aren’t layered on top of the word Dada. But this same principle applies when it. Comes to layering and heat transfer. Vinyl you need to make sure that you’re. Every time you’re adding a new color or. A new layer you want to make sure that. You’re placing that largest piece down. That largest plastic piece down so it’s. Protecting your other vinyl in the first. Layers that you placed on the t-shirt. That’s just how you go about layering. Any heat transfer vinyl here I’m just. Measuring as I talk to you here I’m just. Measuring my my design trying to get. Them placed somewhat evenly apart from. Each other so I’m pretty happy with that. Look there but as you can see we need. That large piece of plastic again to. Light over the whole bottom part of the. Design so that we don’t burn those other. Layers a final that we already placed so. Every time you add a layer just make. Sure you’ve got those other layers. Protected with that plastic and you’ll. Be good to go and i’ve personally never. Layered more than like three or four. Iron-on layers of vinyl together i’ve. Never really come across a project that. Needs me to iron on that many layers but. I would imagine it would work up to at. Least four layers but this is a. Technique in use you use no matter what. And it’s just the easiest way to do it. And to keep your layers protected as you. Add more vinyl to your design, [Music]. I’m again peeling all of my plastic. Sheets up here and they’re kind of. Coming off together and that’s fine and. I was able to protect my all my layers. Of my vinyl that i’ve done so far and. Everything looks really good if for any. Reason your vinyl on like the layered. Parts are starting to look kind of. Wrinkled that’s typical and there’s a. Way to fix that so I’m going to show you. That next here in just a second okay. Just to give the whole design one final. Good press with the heat and this will. Also make sure that your vinyl is really. Really flat the layers are really flat. Together I usually if I have enough. Extra material on the bottom of my. T-shirt I will just kind of fluff my. Shirt out a little bit and then I will. Fold the bottom of my t-shirt up over. The top of the design let me get that. Here there we go. Hold it over the top of the design there. So that’s a protective barrier and then. I grabbed my heat press and I give it. Another countdown and for this one I. Just kind of run it back and forth I. Don’t really need to like be as specific. With it as I did when I was initially. Placing the design so I just do a 30. Second countdown on this and run it back. And forth protecting it with that lower. Part of the t-shirt here these t-shirts. For my husband of course so it is a. Little bit on the bigger side then maybe. A t-shirt I would wear so this may not. Work for every type of t-shirt if it. Doesn’t then just grab something like a. Spare t-shirt or a towel or something. Like that and do the same thing and then. I’m just gonna fold this down and that’s. Just one extra little stuff there to. Really make sure that design grabbed on. Really well it’ll make sure those layers. That particular layer with dad and the. Kids that we did is going to look very. Seamless and smooth now with that extra. Step we just did. And now our project is complete and. That’s how easy it is to layer your heat. Transfer vinyl and this is a very simple. Example but the concepts would apply no. Matter what and I really hope you guys. Enjoy these files I got a bunch of. Different combinations you know one with. Just a daughter or son or two sons and. Two daughters and so make sure you grab. Those files on the blog and I would love. To see your creations as well and so I. Hope you enjoyed this and I hope this. Helped cleared up how you layer your. Heat transfer vinyl I will see you guys. In the next video. Find these SPG cut files more crafts and. Templates on addy Kirsten collections. Calm and if you’re new to Cricut I would. Also like to invite you to join my free. Cutting edge crafters masterclass where. I reveal the three biggest beginner. Crooked Crocker misconceptions and the. Framework to fix them the link to join. Is below this video in the description.

Harry Potter Hates Ohio Clothes – My T-Shirt Collection

It seems I have quite a bit of Harry Potter Clothes . So here’s my t-shirt collection. Hi everyone, it’s Rodney here and today I’m going to show you all my Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt . This started off as a little hobby. During the first lockdown in the UK, over on instagram, where I was sharing a story a day of. What harry potter t-shirt I was wearing that day. And I always meant to film it for youtube but she never got around to it. Now that unfortunately the UK is in a second lockdown, I thought it’s the perfect time to do this. So let’s get on with all the Harry Potter t-shirts. Okay alright, so it’s n no particular order so I thought I’d just go through them. So let’s go to the first one, okay the first one is a recent purchase and it is this. Triwizard Tournament Beauxbatons t-shirt. The reason I got this is because there is so few items for men.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio T Shirt
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That actually represent Beauxbatons, which we know is a. Boy and a girl school, unlike with the films portrayed as just being a girls school. So this is a recent edition, ao that’s why I had to get this one. Alright next one is this one that I purchased not too long ago from the making of Harry Potter, the Warner Bros Studio Tour. And it had all these spells on and it had spells that we’d heard, but never like knew about. Like Cistem Aperio, it’s the one that Tom Riddle casts. Meteleojinx Recanto, again in the books but we’ve never sort of had them in the films so this is a cool one that was like film and it’s like. Kind of velvety letters – it’s just really cool, so i’ll be wearing this quite a lot. So this is a, this is a lovely t-shirt, I do really like this one and hopefully you can see it all. Ok there’s quite a few to get through right so next one is this one that I purchased at a convention. Isn’t it shiny?! Look how amazing it is and of course it is the. Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them cover as featured in the Crimes of Grindelwald.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt
This is actually a ladies t-shirt but . I only realised that after I purchased it. But I thought it was so pretty, I couldn’t get rid of it, so I have worn it, but I kind of have to roll the sleeves up. Because it’s just a weird like sleeve . Cut, but you know, I don’t care, a t-shirt’s a t-shirt. Next one is another one I purchased recently and this is a chocolate frog t-shirt. Again not many chocolate frog like items of merchandise are . Directed for men. So I thought this was a very masculine kind of colouring and this print can . Be put on any t-shirt. I was just really pleased with it so that’s why I thought because of that . Reason I was going to get this. Because I do love me some chocolate frogs. But there’s not a lot of sort of men t-shirts around, so I was very pleased with that one. Next one is another one from the . Warner Bros Studio Tour, because I pretty much go there as often as I can. This year hasn’t meant that i’ve gone there very much but. This is a top I got recently and I really liked it because it had Jude Law as Dumbledore and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. I thought it was really cool it featured this amazing elder wand. Which you know it’s all stories about this, we’re gonna find out how that happens I just thought I really liked it.
Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt Hoodie
And it also has the elder wand on the back. It’s just really cool, I wear this quite a lot. And it’s still a really nice condition, so I’m really pleased with the t-shirts that I get from the Warner Bros Studio Tour. So whenever there’s a new t-shirt there, I’m like ah – let’s get it. So this is why I have so many t-shirts. This one I purchased when I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I spent and no lie, a whole year trying to get Friday Forty tickets. Battling amongst the world when it was only in the UK. And I finally did get it, so I had to mark the occasion with a t-shirt. Because this is the eighth story, 19 years later. So that’s why I got this one, I like to get t-shirts and memorabilia that mark dates, so that’s why I got this one. Next one is another Crimes of Grindelwald one. This is a design by minalima and it was like one of the . I think of the..yeah. I think it is – it says ‘The Witch’s Friends’ cover. That was about Newt Scamander and how amazing he is and this just gives me like Harry Potter vibes. Isn’t this like, almost like that t-shirt that Harry like always wears, but like a version of that. So I liked the combination of that and it does have Crimes of Grindelwald on the back. Love this t-shirt, that’s why I went with this one. I’m one of those people that does love . Butterbeer and when I saw this t-shirt, I kind of dismissed it. But then I found out that I think it was being discontinued. And the sizing was all like, I don’t know what was going on, but I got this t-shirt and it’s so soft, it’s still really soft and I wear it quite a lot. But I do love butterbeer and I love this old-fashioned label. There’s nothing on the back, it just is a brown thing…brown t-shirt (brown thing? Ha). If you do see it and it’s still . Available then I’d recommend getting it. Because it is a lovely t-shirt and I don’t know how long it’s going to be around. I do hope that we get a label of this one on those new bottles Butterbeer, I guess time will tell. Next one, this one I got from the Platform 9 3/4 Shop at London.
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King’s Cross. It does actually say that on the side there. I do love the Daily Prophet and this one was very much like a Harry Potter t-shirt . Which sometimes I like, most of the time I like more subtle ones but this is a. Pretty much in your face one, but I try and get these like . They’re pretty much all the same color t-shirts . Because I can wear them underneath the jumpers. So there’s a bit of magic I get to carry around me everyday. And not maybe not everyone will notice . Because there’s a jumper over it…but but I know. A recent edition, which came from the Loot Crate: Loot Wear and this is really cool because it’s actually. Got sparkly lettering and stuff on it . I like the pixies and it does have little pixies on the back. Which you can just about see there but . Yeah i really like this one. I didn’t continue to be subscribed to Loot Wear because I wanted more . T-shirts for the cost that they were offering. It was like a t-shirt and then like another. Like clothing item, which I wasn’t gonna wear – like if it was three t-shirts, three or four t-shirts then. I would have stayed, but this is I was still happy with this one, a lot of people like this one – I like this one. So something good came out of it. I’m sure most would be aware of JK Rowling’s Lumos charity and when they were running all these competitions. For Fantastic Beasts premieres and as part of buying the t-shirts, you got entered into that so. Yes of course I entered because I really wanted to go to the premiere – I didn’t win obviously . But I did really like this quote and I still . Like this quote and I got that in white . And does have hashtag we are lumos on the back.

Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt

Hi guys welcome back to my channel ali’s. Amazing sets. My name is allison your independent. Father’s Day consultant and today i have a. Haul to share with you. That includes the father’s day. Collection so let’s get started. Okay so we have a few items of wax that. Are not part of the father’s day. Collection Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt we’ll go ahead. And talk about those first um the first. One. Is for a customer and this is a squeeze. The day. And this is just a nice fresh lemon. Scent. It’s not that close to my face and it’s. Still. Fairly strong and i have this in the. Bathroom cleaner right now. And the bathroom cleaner is pretty true.
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Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals T Shirt
To form to the wax scent. So that’s nice because sometimes you. Know when cents are in different forms. They don’t always smell the same. But this one it does okay so. Squeeze a day as a best seller and it’s. Described as a tart and true fragrance. Of pure lemons. Balanced by a hint of vanilla cream. So the vanilla cream smooths it out a. Little bit. But it’s still just this really nice. Clean scent. And this is a great springtime scent. The next one we have is also for a. Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt Customer and this. Is um a bestseller and one of my. Favorite scents and this is aloe water. And cucumber. I love this fragrance in all forms. So nice so nice and it’s actually fairly. Strong. This is also a bestseller and since he. Describes it as. Aloe water cucumber peel palm frond. And pineapple nectar are oh so mellow. So you have aloe water cucumber peel. Palm frond and pineapple nectar. And this is just a beautiful fragrance. And it is available in a lot of. Different Father’s Day Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt . So if you like aloe water and cucumber. There’s a lot out there besides just wax.
Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirts
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The next one we have is for me. I wanted to try this because. It’s a controversial scent people seem. To either love it or hate it but i have. Heard that it’s strong and i. I do like strong scents so this is. Inhale. Exhale this was a scent of the month. I think it was january 2020. And um it made its way into the spring. Summer catalog. So i thought you know i better give this. A try and. See what i think of it i believe if i. Remember right i think there’s like. Melon and sea salt. Hmm that is nice it actually doesn’t. Smell. Super strong to me but i do think i. Smell melon. Oh i’m getting a little bit of a. Tartness here on the bottom. Hmm maybe that’s the part that people. Tend to not like search for inner peace. With salted citrus calming freesia. And solar woods salted citrus. Calming freesia in solar woods. It’s interesting it it is pretty unique. I don’t think there’s any other Father’s Day . Um scents out there right now that smell. Like this. And i’m not really sure i need to warm. It and see. I don’t dislike it but. It’s it’s different so. We will find out and i’ll let you guys.
Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt
Know in my what i’ve been warming video. The next one is another one that i. Wanted to try because. Um a lot of people. Really like this scent and um that is. Strawberry rose and i’ve even heard. People say. They don’t really like strawberry they. Don’t really really like rose. But they like this together for whatever. Reason. This was also a ascent of the month uh i. Think it was actually february. 2020 uh the month after inhale exhale. And then it made its way into this. Catalog so i wanted to try it. And see what it is about. That’s interesting you know it kind of. Reminds me of. Um this is weird but. Like those um. What is it strawberry shortcake dolls. Like from back in the day. How they were scented. That’s what it kind of reminds me of. I i wouldn’t call it an authentic. Strawberry scent but it’s not like a. Really sweet candy scent. And then get a little bit of floral but. It’s not like a powdery rose. Hmm interesting. Okay let’s see what Father’s Day says about. This strawberry rose i’m not even sure. I’m guessing maybe floral. No fruity yup it’s fruity fruity. Category. Regular Dad Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt A sweet blend of mouth-watering. Strawberries. And soft rose petals with a touch of. Sheer musk strawberries rose petals and. Sheer musk. And possibly strawberry shortcake. The doll okay. So that is another one that i think i. Just need to warm it and see. Um but i’m glad i got them to try them. Because you never know. Until you warm it i always say you know. Don’t judge it until you warm it. So those are the non-father’s day. Collection items. Now we get to dig into the father’s day. Collection items. So in the father’s day collection there. Was um two fragrances. One is new to the catalog one was in the. Father’s day collection.
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It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Funny Father’s Day Mountain Graphic Shirt

What is up guys charlie pang steer. Welcome to merge Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt episode 11 this. One was based on your guys’s feedback. Okay so what i did is in my commun Father Figure. Tab i posted a random Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt that i. Recently did and i said if i get 500. Likes on Father Figure i will make a tutorial on Father Figure.
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And you guys over delivered so we are. Making that tutorial today before we get. Into the video though i wanted to let. You guys know that i did start a youtube. Gaming channel for fun that i’m going to. Be streaming on every single week i play. A lot of games like warzone on there so. If you guys want to support my hobby for. Fun go ahead and go to the description. Below and you guys can subscribe father Figure. That out of the way let’s go and get. Into merch Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt episode 11 pull up. Photoshop and let’s get started every. Single Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt you guys see on instagram. Or online in general has a process right. Everything can be broken down into. Simple steps simple shapes simple photos. Right and this one is no different this.

It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Funny Father’s Day Shirt At Moteefe

Unisex Hoodie back

One is basically a bunch of photos that. Were combined together Father Figure some. Different font elements type elements to. Make this Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt Father Figure’s a really simple. One so what you have to do is break Father Figure. Down in your head before getting into Father Figure. Right because if you just get into Father Figure. Father Figure  planning Father Figure Father Figure’s going to be a. Lot more difficult for you to come up. Father Figure a concept for this one i kind of. Had a plan i knew that i wanted to take. A rose and cut the rose out and put a. Heart there instead that was my basic. Plan and i executed Father Figure so let’s go and. Get right into Father Figure so the first thing i. Did was i used the lasso tool to. Actually cut out the hand out of the. Background so i’m left Father Figure something. That looks like this so i actually ended. Up cutting the rose and the hand out and. The cleaner this is done the better your. Outcome is going to be so if you take a. Lot of time cutting out the image the.
Unisex Sweatshirt back
Object that you want to use in your. Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt Father Figure’s just going to be that much. Better at the end so take your time do. Not rush Father Figure i promise you you’re gonna. Have really good results at the end. Again all i did was use a polygonal. Lasso tool you can hfather Figure l on your. Keyboard to go to Father Figure that’s a Father Figure . Shortcut for you and i actually did. Record the process so i’m going to show. You that real quick before we get into. The other Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt elements. As soon as i cut up the hand in the rose. I’m left Father Figure just a hand so let me go. And hide the Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt here and let’s start. Over so i have the hand here what i want. To do is just drag that into my document. That i created this is a fourteen inch. By 18 inch document really just a basic. Document size i use Father Figure all the time. And once i imported Father Figure into my new. Document i just resized Father Figure to kind of. Figure out the Father Figure  and overall. Dimensions that i want to go Father Figure for. This Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt word of advice is make sure. You’re Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirting for the shirt color. Don’t Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt Father Figure don’t Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt first. And then you’re like wafather Figure a minute i was. Supposed to Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt for a black shirt and. Now my Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt doesn’t look good don’t do. That. Figure out the shirt colors you want to. Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt for and then Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt for their. Shirt colors so if you’re Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt – Teechip for. An orange shirt lighter colors might not. Look as good right darker colors will. Look better which is why this american. Text is black instead of Father Figure for. Instance Father Figure would work but Father Figure

In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

Defined by shock so you know we started. With a big short didn’t we i mean it was. Suddenly you’re in lockdown. And you have to change your ways within. Two weeks and. Uh so The Schittn you you start talking about. Digital interaction. Uh online teaching some that you never. Actually contemplated. In The Schitt first place you know i mean we. Are known for our almost. Well for our physicality In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt is very. Physical i mean The Schitt.
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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt
The Schitt course especially is based on. The Schitt physical interaction and presence. Within The Schitt studios. And it’s all hands-on so all that was. Taken away. And had to be replaced uh. At that point you have The Schitt choice and. The Schitt choice is to be positive about it. You know you have to embrace that moment. I mean that is your reality The Schittre is no. Such thing as. You know The Schittre was a time that you can. Go back to you never go back to anything. You always go forward into anything that. You don’t know about. So um i don’t know i mean that. To us i think it was very much about. Keeping The Schitt momentum. With The Schitt students not to use The Schittm not to. Sort of The Schittn disappear behind The Schitt screen.

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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Hoodie
And it was about creating a uh. Um safeguarding The Schitt curriculum. Safeguarding what we were supposed to do. And finding funny ways of doing it no. Matter what. And you know a lot of our course is. Based on conversation. With The Schitt students wheThe Schittr The Schitty are by. Group or individually. And that obviously was very easy to. Translate online it became even more. Personal in a way. Became even less intimidating in in. Parts. And The Schitt The Schitt physicality of making The Schittm. Uh had to be redefined and and. In a way it brought opportunities it. Brought. OThe Schittr ways of of dealing with The Schittm with.
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Sweatshirt
The Schitt creative. With creative projects with The Schitt creative. Point of view. And uh and with with ways ways of making. You know The Schittre was an urgency so The Schittn. You don’t have your studio so The Schitty need. So it is your bedroom your kitchen um. Suddenly you have to communicate within. That space that that space almost. Becomes. Urgent uh approximative messy. Private but also practical at The Schitt same. Time so it was quite humbling and quite. Beautiful as a process. And i think The Schitt work The Schitt creative work. That came out of it. Was in my view fascinating um. Also what and i speak too much imran. Always so you have to interrupt no no. This is fascinating for me because. You know what what you know having.

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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt T Shirt In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt
Attended The Schitt ma show for probably. I don’t know 10 years maybe longer. You know i just when i received The Schitt. Email with all of The Schitt. The Schitt looks from all The Schitt students it was. So. Impressive it’s almost like having. Constraints. Or challenges or difficulties. Pushed The Schitt designers creativity. Pushed The Schitt way The Schitty thought about The Schittir. Collections and. You know we’ll we’ll speak to adam and. Shaney and ronora in a second but. It was so uplifting for me actually that. You know. You and your your students found a way. To push through so you know i understand. You know people are working in The Schittir. Kitchens and at home and. But if you were going to summarize. Or um kind of your key takeaways. Your key learnings of like what what. Changed this year in terms of The Schitt output. So we know The Schitt process was. Very different as an outside observer i. Saw some changes in in The Schitt in The Schitt kind. Of creative output of The Schitt students but. What was your take on that well i mean i. Mean obviously we’re so much into it. That. That it is something that we’re starting.
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Tank top In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Long Sleeve
To reflect on upon now. Uh but i think that what was to me what. Was The Schitt. The Schitt most precious um. Gain out of all this was The Schitt urgency in. Work and The Schitt limitation. The Schitt limitations within that at that. Moment because at that point. Uh it really makes you raise a question. That has always been a question that. That. Was really dear to me which is you know. Um. Are you a lesser designer if you don’t. Have. That studio if you don’t have all The Schitt. Technology The Schitt machinery. All The Schittse all those facilities you know. You need to have ideas those ideas you. Read More At Gearbubble – In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt Need to bring The Schitt to life.


Son Goku And Vegeta Friends Shirt

Mega mega mega iconen ervaring welke. Becky een live-cd ook aan elkaar en exco. Wel dit is Goku And Vegeta coach jack jack en als. De is wat er over nighttown de in. Rainaldo in totaal quad een nieuwe. Struggle ball super newbie. Argan shampoo en kraste verslaving dus. Goku And Vegeta naam is twitter case screen each. Other android op go en verdienen. Yellow white red or you about the movie. By Ipod episode emoties dingen enkel hier. Dus. Saiyans hem legendary appetites waar. Also very very serious campers. god en your hands de uw woning.
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Son Goku And Vegeta Friends Shirt
Huur you guys so few in fiji suva jumper. Die wet wordt de string die een rol in. Promo dit zo is en wat de implicaties of. The character. Green eye care by any of this group i. Like it’s all disappointing bijna. Iedereen aos nieuwe just ieder. Regardless paar afbeeldingen. Oké we gianni agent had ik dus is ride a. Budget il ya un to disperse hier dus je. Doet oké oké dat zich gaat zich want. Widget die lijkt.  Vegeta ik dat jullie geen geld computer. Bomen waar is Goku And Vegeta review on change it. Oké hoe dit bos bos dat see ya rubio. Number one area you pay voor de put you. Pay per view. Service is good and you with fantastic. Book wordt hier vroeg this two thumbs. Son Goku And Vegeta Friends Shirt Down boter fried and poor quality. Oké oh wauw dit de horrible place for. Breakfast and flight or lyell zodat you. Wie wordt ineens hoe de boot able de ben. Ik op die en maud. Slack en lily shows krypton groups of. People to this table is mooi jeu de. Boules. Nou nou nou blue europese. Oké sanyo xacti op yes i dunno. Perikelen uit de taal paprikachips mee. Ja mr bingley’s recording boeit het en. Ik zei nee oké zo arjuna m in de app. Selecteert hem dus t’is de. Buy cheap taco. Faerie glen check een takel oké fry zijn. Kont flap naam wordt dit. Customize ben anna-marie zodat de melk. En de honden spie portail close my goal.
Son Goku And Vegeta Friends
Nummer hoort shinkai mango magic decor. Dank je hij is mag niet je je met mary. Martijn hem ook niet hoe mooi dit. Hetzelfde. Ja ze music helpen de liedjes keer in de. Kerk in mij enorm. Dit is voor de familie die mooie jongen. Maar ja hoi man oké dit is is geen. Religie de texas pro zijn yogales voor. Kimono. Poor quality de profeet yoga. Pijp quality. Bleef jong hip dus youtube hun in het. Just terrible a ja de pack 3. Zoek er drie perioden en die man dood. Dicteren en de top is er zo ziek. Quality louis have to go with faxen. Limiet van de telegraaf hier sinds ik er. Een epidaurus. Arme fanny was word ik ben secretly. Viewing van de mission om jouw afdeling.
Son Goku And Vegeta Friends Red Shirt
De my tribute aan yelp en over en over. En over danny pink lectures too many. Times zonder in de offices for groups. And pretend it’s a restaurant and the. Service zo if you interested in a en jin. Se ryeong panamese rt Goku And Vegeta andie. Ja my life story ik denk ik ticket to. Son Goku And Vegeta Friends Shirt Ride a classical zult u de drie met de. Goku And Vegeta characters very very disappointed.

The Triple Lindy 1986 Grand Lakes University Shirt

Everyone loves water tricks but what is. The best create impressive wins or crazy. Painful fails today we’ll watch top 5. The triple lindy 1986 grand lakes university shirt  which have gotten maximum likes. In water sex magic community in october. These spells are performed by trained. Professionals don’t try this at home. Hello my name is jim i’m a professional. Cliff diver. I’ve been diving all my life so it’s. Hard to impress me but this time your. The triple lindy 1986 grand lakes university shirt were so astonishing especially. The last one from this top 5 that i. Decided to make this first review let’s.
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The Triple Lindy 1986 Grand Lakes University Shirt
Start with the dive which gains 1389. Likes and i think most of professional. Divers have this experience let’s watch. This usually happens when you are doing. Reverse or back dive in a pike position. Which looks like this excellent and here. The guy in the air thought that he made. Too much rotation in the beginning and. That is better to do a full flip instead. Of a half i know that it’s only. Milliseconds to make a decision but you. Can see if he didn’t try to save himself. He would not get that beautiful splash. So it actually worked vice versa for him. Dude i suggest to try it from 20 meters. Next time. Just kidding don’t try this at home okay. Next i’ve got 3,200 more likes from you. Guys here the dude is performing a kind. Of triple lindy for those who doesn’t. Know what is original triple india i. Have this video and it was the hardest. Diving combo in the history era, i can say that as a professional diver i. Wouldn’t try it because it is really. Tricky and may cause a knee back there. Oh if you have some sort of a video like.

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The Triple Lindy 1986 Grand Lakes University T Shirt
That please don’t forget to share it in. The water sex magic directs messages and. Now we have the third place of the top. Dives of october 30 242 likes let’s call. It the water frisbee challenge to be. Honest it’s really impressive and maybe. I’ll try to do it on my own how do you. Think is it possible to catch it being. In the air i guess the idea was to do it. That way let’s make this challenge with. More the triple lindy 1986 grand lakes university shirt  if you are a diver and you. Have such an opportunity what’s about to. Do it from different platforms by the. Way make your own video of a water. Frisbee challenge and send it to water. Sex magic direct i’ll promote and. Riposte every creative video even not. Successful variants well the second. Place go to the craziest front flip. Combo. . Yes there’s nothing special about the. Guy on the belt but believe me the coach. Should be a kind of a strong and. Skillful person for that by the way i. Was really lazier to calculate how many.
The Triple Lindy 1986 Grand Lakes University Hoodie
Flips there were if you’re a smarter. Person than me can you please write in. The comments how many flips it were. Honestly speaking i wish i were so small. To ask my coach to do the same but in my. Situation it was something like that. . And the winner of this week got 68 95. Likes it is really a lot but i think it. Deserves much more to be honest i was a. Little bit scared when i saw the jude. Landed on the coach but i hope. Everything was fine. I wish ryan could send full-length. Footage to know what was after that just. For your information. I’ll post really cool and fun tutorial. The same day when we have 1000. Subscribers here and please don’t hate. The Triple Lindy 1986 Grand Lakes University Shirt Me for my english i know it isn’t. Perfect but i’ll try to do my best to. Improve it as soon as it possible have a. Great week and take care water hugs.

Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug

Black people are very afraid, of the police. That is a big part, of our culture. It doesn’t matter how rich, you are, how old you are… We’re just afraid of ’em., We got every reason. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug to be afraid of them. You know, I mean like. you’re a white lady.
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Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Mug
you ever been, pulled over before?. You know, and what’d they say, to you, Let me see your driver’s, license and your registration,”, right?. See? See, I’m just guessin’. That’s not what they say, to us. You wouldn’t believe, what they say to us. “Spread your cheeks, and lift your sack, Like, what the fuck?. Excuse me?. “You heard me, spread open, your cheeks and lift your sack, I got a driver’s license too., There’s easier ways. to prove who I am, and shit. What does that prove?. I can’t go to the bank, like that. Cash my check, “What do you mean, you don’t have any ID?”. Wait a minute!. “Oh… Oh, I’m sorry.
Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Mug 30oz Tumbler
Mr. Chappelle. right this way. Why didn’t you spread, your cheeks in the beginning?”. Scared of ’em. I’m serious man. you ever been at a red light. the police, might pull up next to you. it won’t be no big deal, for you but. I fuckin’ fall apart. “Oh, oh, nigga. Oh, don’t look over there. nigga. No, no, no, But I didn’t always know, that was a black thing. It took me a while, to figure that out. I learned that shit, in New York. -I was in New York City, Now I was hanging out, with a friend of mine. he was a white guy. you know. We was just hanging’ out. and we were lost in the city, and you know. we were smokin’ a joint. Now, I don’t know, if it’s a coincidence. that we were lost and high, and shit but… My white buddy, he was, smokin’ a joint, you know… “Dave! Dave!, It’s the goddamn cops, “I’m gonna ask ’em, for directions, . I said, “Chip! No!, Chip, don’t do it!”. Even Though I’m Not From Your Sack Mug It was too late., He was walkin’ over there. this man was high as shit., “Excuse me… Excuse me, sir.”, Touching him and shit. “Excuse me. I need some information. Uh.., Start to confessing things, you shouldn’t confess. “I’m a little high. All I want to know. which way is 3rd Street?”.
Even Though I'm Not From Your Sack Shirt
The cop was like. “Hey, take it easy. You’re on 3rd Street. You better be careful., Go ahead, move it. Move it, That’s all that happened. that’s the end of the story. (LAUGHING). Now, I know that’s not, amazing to some of you. But you ask one, of these black fellows. that shit is fucking incredible. isn’t it?. I’m saying a black man, would never dream. of talking, to the police, high. That’s a waste of weed.
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Review In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

Welcome Back To New Record Day My Name. Is Ron If You Consider Yourself An. Audiophile Hi-Fi Enthusiast Or A Music. Junkie. Well Welcome Home Make Sure You Hit The. Subscribe Button. And Hit The Bell Notification So You. Know When The Next Video Drops. And Today’s Video Is A Review Of The. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt.
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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt
In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

If You Have A Sense Of Humor And If You. Don’t.  Audio Freya Plus Folks. Let’s Get This Show Started But Before. We Do A Quick Word. From Today’s Video Sponsor Buying Cables. For Hi-Fi Equipment Doesn’t Need To Be. Complicated And Today’s Show Sponsor. Audio Arc Cable Is Here To Help With The. Wide Range Of Cables For Every Budget. Now Nrd Is No Stranger To Audio Art. Cables. In The Past We Have Reviewed Their. Classic Line And Even Took Their Award. Winning Statement Series For A Spin. Both Of Those Reviews Will Be Linked In. The Description Down Below When We Asked. Rob Fritz Of Audio Art Cable To Hook Us. Up With The Goods For This Review. He Recommended An Entire Loom Of Cryo THE SCHITT. Cables. Including Their In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt ShirtInterconnects. And THE SCHITT Speaker Cables Keeping My.

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In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Hoodie

Integrity In Check And Knowing Audio Art. Is Sponsoring This Show. I’ll Spare You Guys With The Hyperbole. And Leave It At This I Do. Believe That Cables Can Make A. Difference And I Do Recommend Audio Arc. Cables Line Up Without Hesitation. Last Rob Has Graciously Offered You Guys. 20. Off Any Cables Using Coupon Code Nrd. So Yeah If You Need Cables And You Want. To Save Some Money As Well. Now Is Your Chance That Is Certainly. Cool Of Audio Art Cable To Sponsor. Today’s Video. Rob I Certainly Do Appreciate It And. It’s Super Cool That You’re Willing To. Offer Up A Coupon Code For Those That Do. Want To Dive Into Upgrading Your Cables. Links Are Provided Down Below And Uh. Yeah Getting That All Out Of The Way. Let’s Go Ahead And Talk About The. Audio Freya. Plus The Freya Plus Is An Interesting. Pre-Amplifier. This Passive Or Active Solid State Or. Yes Tube Preamplifier Gives Listeners A. Chance To Enjoy. A Wide Array Of Tonal Possibilities And. Best Of All. Comes With A Price Tag Of 899 Bucks That. Won’t Break The Bank The First Thing. That Impressed Me About The Freya Plus. Was The Looks The Enclosure Is Beautiful

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White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt

I’m always reluctant to critique the age. Of kovid. Through the lens of consumerism because. It feels too much. Like a first world problem but since. Most of us. Have been indoctrinated into shopping. And commerce as a way of life. It seems appropriate to talk about. Because something is going on below the. Surface. That is more sinister than what it. Appears to be. Over the past year we’ve pointed out.
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White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt
That the policies surrounding masks. And social distancing taken by stores. Like costco. Sprouts trader joe’s and whole foods. Market are corporate in nature. And that corporations are superseding. Law and human rights through corporate. Policy. Which is fascism. In the past in all corporate retail. Settings. Employees were trained to think that. They are shopkeepers. And that customer service is important. At least it was until march 13 2020.

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White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Women's T Shirt
At that point customer service. Went out the window. And the idea of valued customers went. With it, Employees are now trained to be guard. Dogs for the corporations. And to believe that customers are no. Longer valued unless they follow the. Rules and policies of the store. Whole foods market costco sprouts and. Trader joe’s. Have been especially harsh with the mask. And distancing policies. And they’ve relied on their retrained. Employees as well as their newly. Indoctrinated customers. To enforce those policies through. Bullying. Refusal of service and intimidation. These are tactics that were used in nazi. Germany, After march 13 2020 trader joe’s became. Extremely fascist seemingly. Overnight stories were pouring in about. The change in the staff’s behavior. It wasn’t only witnessed by me but.
White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Couple T Shirt
Everyone across the country, Before there was any such thing as a. Mask. Mandate by the governors we went to shop. At a White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt store in pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. And noticed that the staff and the. Customers. Were all masked up we were disillusioned. And confused by this transformation. And bizarre behavior we’d heard about. Forced social distancing policies and. Expected a line outside the store. But we were shocked when we were told. That because we had brought. Our own bags that we had to bag our. Items. Outside personally i’m fine with bagging. My own groceries myself. Inside the store i’ve done it many times. But we were told we couldn’t do that. Either. The checkers insisted that they bag the. Items themselves. In paper bags or that we can do it. Ourselves. In our own bags outside we take the bus. A long distance to and from the store so. We use cloth bags because the paper ones.
White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale Hoodie
Just don’t hold up. Outside treated like pariahs with. Everyone looking on. We unhappily bagged our groceries we. Didn’t complain to the employees. Nor to the manager but we did have. Something to say, Okay remember the days when you used to. Be rewarded. For bringing your own bag now you’re. Punished. So if you don’t bag your groceries or. You don’t have your groceries bagged. In you know inside the grocery store in. A bag that they provide. Then you’re punished and you’re banished. To come outside and have to. Bag your own groceries so 75 dollars. Worth of groceries. And we don’t even get them bagged. Anymore they don’t even want to touch. Our. Unclean infected bags. And so did an employee who didn’t like. Us complaining. What if it’s raining out then i’m. Getting you know. Okay well if it’s raining right here. So i’m not worried about it well we. Didn’t ask you to comment. Either yeah but we didn’t ask you to. Stand outside and comment on our policy. Do you know what’s going on in the world. Right i do actually yeah we do actually. It’s cool yeah it’s called fascism it’s. Called fascism. Are you serious right now we haven’t.

White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt, T Shirt And Hoodie

White House Traitor Joe's Where Everything Is For Sale T Shirt
Been back since. In our new model series videos the great. Reset. Resetting christmas and our most recent. 13 amended we talk about how shopping. And gathering in public is going away. Because the places we gather. And the places where we shop cost money. To the corporations. And cut into profits and that’s what we. See. As the reason these policies are. Enforced. So fiercely by retail stores in. Particular. A new indoctrination is taking place. It’s replacing. An older model of consumerism one where. We go to a store. And buy things ourselves we are being. Retrained through brutal. White House Traitor Joe’s Where Everything Is For Sale Shirt Anti-life tactics we’re being told that. We no longer have autonomy. We’re being pushed into a system where. We stay at home.

Mix skinny jeans with the following 4 t-shirt styles

Skinny jeans are still the key item in the trendy wardrobe, the hotness has never decreased. The dynamism and fitness of skinny jeans is very suitable for the summer, this item also gives a good age hacking effect, helps to brighten the outfit. The position of skinny jeans is so important, so if you can successfully conquer this item, you will be praised more and more beautiful. The way to dress the most beautiful standard skinny jeans is also quite simple, every sister just mix with the following 4 shirts to score 10 styles.

white t-shirt

White T-Shirt

White T-shirt looks simple but is considered as the “fashion treasure” of every fashionable woman. When mixing white t-shirts with skinny jeans, your outfit will be youthful, dynamic and still elegant and sophisticated. To improve the height, the legs are stretched to the fullest extent, do not forget to tuck and mix skinny jeans with high heels like many stylish Korean ladies!

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Pastel Shirt

In the case of women who do not know, the pastel-colored shirt is a hot hit item, being dressed enthusiastically by the Asian connoisseur association. Pastel shirts are very youthful, prominent and elegant enough. Just smart, this item is very suitable for skinny jeans to give you a super hacked outfit, so stylish and elegant, don’t think. When wearing a pastel shirt combo with skinny jeans, if you accentuate shoes like simple doll, sandal, speakerfer or white sneaker, you will get stylish outfits.

Blouse Style

Skinny jeans are not only dusty, but also score in femininity. Therefore, this item is super good when combined with a trendy blouse, such as a sleeveless blouse, a bow tie or a ruffled press. Combo blouse style + skinny jeans pants will give you a lovely outfit, lemongrass and youthful, wearing this outfit to go out or go to work is also reasonable.

French girl “enchantment” shirt style: Wearing a few years old when you are, the elegance is no exaggeration

At the present time, if Korean girls are actively wearing pale blue shirts that are both youthful and elegant, French girls give priority to a sweeter shirt style. lids are shortened. And when we have a very long summer ahead, it is clearly essential to update the wardrobe with a variety of soft, cool shirts. So, sisters do not ignore the following leggings shirt model of French girls because if you add to the wardrobe, you will easily have elegant, stylish and romantic outfits like them.

Short-sleeved shirts are not really a new item for French women. They have been actively wearing sleeveless shirts since last year, but until the summer of this year, the hotness of this item has not declined, even tending to increase heat when many French ladies choose to dress. The sleeveless shirt is first and foremost a very light, cool item. With this design, there’s no need to worry about rolling your sleeves, and you still get very good cooling outfits in hot summer.

The short-sleeved shirt that can hack the age is very effective because it looks fresh and sweet. Even so, this item is still very elegant, and has a hint of vintage romance. French women not only favor one or two styles of plain-sleeved blouses, they also flexibly transform with many different versions such as floral motifs, fluffy sleeves or polka dots … This style will keep your style fresh, and contribute to creating extremely “tech” and eye-catching virtual living pictures.

Short-sleeved shirts mix with many items, such as skirt legs or loose pants. However, if you ask about the perfect “other half” of a sleeveless shirt, it can only be jeans. Short-sleeved shirt combo jeans is also a recipe for French girls. This combination gives them a super youthful outfit that is a bit classic, romantic, but elegant. When wearing this combo, the French girl never forgets to make sure that the outfit is neat, effective for the set, and at the same time, upgrading the stylish look.